The great quest for a restroom

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    January 15, 2012 7:22 PM GMT

    So I have heard the girls from across the pond talking about laws and rights that they have that were provided to them by the government.  No in depth discussions, just bits and pieces in normal conversation.  I have no idea where I stand in the US so I decided to do some reading.  So far all I have been able to determine is that, at least on the surface, the UK seems to be light years ahead of the US as far as taking care of us.  I don't know a lot about the government system in the UK, but anyone that lives here in the states knows that there are state laws, and federal laws.  There are also county and city laws and ordiances.  I haven't had a lot of time to delve into this but at this point have found that the federal government has a couple of "vague" laws that protect us from discrimination and I believe, hate crimes.  Everything that I have seen at this point seems to say that the federal government leaves the rest up to the state governments to determine how we are treated and what our rights are.  When skimming over state laws I found that they are fairly vague also.


    I have only been venturing out into the world for two or three years now.  So far I have had no major issues and things have been very enjoyable for me.  The scariest experience I have had, and it wasn't that scary, was while walking out of a grocery store and three guys were walking into the store, one of them said to another in Spanish, "there's a transvestite".  The scariest part of that is, what happens next?  They walked by and I went on my way as well.  My biggest concern at this point in my life is, when I am out, where do I pee?  Sorry for the crudness LOL.  That was the first order of business when I started to look into "our" rights as citizens.  So far, being ignorant about my rights, I have played it safe.  I don't down soda or iced tea like a fish when I'm out for a meal, and I know which restaurants and stores in my neighborhood have unisex restrooms.  When I travel, I have my room, and look for the unisex when I am out.


    So far, while researching the bathroom issue I have found that it definitely......... may......... or may not be legal for me to use the ladies room.  It may be legal in one place, or time, but may be illegal in the same place at a different time.  If I am employed somewhere, my employer has to allow me to use the ladies room, or I should say, use the restroom of the gender that I present as, but if I come back into the same business as a customer, I can be arrested as a tresspasser if the business owner chooses to have me arrested.  There are also city and county laws that may affect the answer to the question.  Other then seeing pictures and maps of the UK, I don't know much about it and whether city or county differences of oppinion would matter.  Here in the states, it can be a nightmare.  Lets look at the capital city of my state, Phoenix.  Most people have probably heard of it but have no idea what Phoenix is like.  When you say Phoenix, "the city", you actually mean "the Phoenix metropolitan area" which, and I counted them in my head so I may have missed one or two,  but, is actually 15 cities that have grown together.  So with city ordenances and laws thrown into the confusion, It may also be legal for me to use the ladies room on one side of the street, but illegal for me to use the ladies room if I cross the street into another city...............unless of course I am employed there??????????   As you read this, remember that each state is different, and remember that yours may be more tollerant.  Remember, this is Arizona, the home of equal opportunity biggots.  The only state where you can be arrested and taken to jail if your skin is not white, and you don't carry your birth certificate with you 24/7............makes me very glad I am not a Latina Transexual......but ashamed to say I live here.


    I found a free online legal answer site and gave them the restroom issue to ponder on, let's see if they can be more decisive.  More to come.  Hugs everyone

  • January 15, 2012 8:03 PM GMT
    Brilliant start Briana. Yes we have the Gender recognition Act, passed by our Parliament, which is probably as near to you federal Law as you can get, we also have bye laws, local government, what color you can paint your shop front, what is a conservation area repairs to properties must be in keeping with the original, but basically, Civil rights, Human rights,, Criminal Law, etc etc, are all government laws and placed on Statute books. very often a law can be interpreted in several ways or be confusing, some times a high court judge will give a ruling on these and the law will be changed and can only be changed back again if it is appealed against in the Upper chamber The house of Lords.
  • April 25, 2012 1:04 PM BST
    Using the Ladies. I just get in, get done, and get out.
  • June 22, 2012 3:34 PM BST
    I have not had any problem using the ladies room as I am out and about.
  • June 23, 2012 3:12 PM BST

    Over here in the UK there are no actual laws making it illegal for a male to use the female toilet facilities. However, if a woman were to phone the police and complain, you could be arrested and charged with a breach of the peace. This would not apply to anybody who holds a GRC (Gender Recognition Certificate) though as that little scrap of paper gives us the same rights as any other woman, pre or post op.

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    June 23, 2012 8:18 PM BST
    Carol, it sounds odd because it would have been the woman that was making all the fuss...about nothing.
    Years ago, if the men's washroom was full and I needed to go to the washroom in a hurry...I would just use the women's washroom. I never has a problem in Canada
  • June 24, 2012 6:32 AM BST
    Hi from Minnesota, Here it is actually illegal to be in the ladies room if you don't have legal standing as a transsexual. I know this for a fact because the Casino where I work had a problem (Some of the ladies that work there complained)
    with it, and checked into it thru the legal dept. I now can be fired for going into the ladies room.
    Its nice to be discriminated against by the tribe.
    The law is the law, How ever When I go out and need to use the restroom I take into consideration the place and time I'm there and use the one that is appropriate for the circumstance, which is most often the ladies room.
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    March 12, 2015 11:56 AM GMT

    It's next to impossible to use the women's restroom her in Indiana(USA).    If you do you have tosee if the coast is clear

    and that there is not any young girls around.   It's very easy to get caught in silly things that can get you banned

    from a place.     My hometown is a evil place to try to you the women's restroom.      We have bigger cities in Indiana

    where it's tends to be a little easier.     There are not very many unisext restrooms here in Indiana.