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    February 26, 2012 8:19 PM GMT

    Hello everyone.

    I would like to start this forum because I have had a hard time finding literature that deals with the crossdressing; transgender; transexual issues. Of course after endless searches and money not so well spent, I have got to find books that address it from sociological and non-critical objective approaches (rather than medical or therapeutic). In my case before picking a book I usually read the comments and impressions (printed on Amazon) from other people who have bought the book but after a while, most texts (despite beautifully written) begin to be repetitive and do not offer new information. I have also found that because of the nature of the subject other books derive terrible language that distorts and/or destroys the savable content of it. Others are fictional and what I attempt with this forum, is to have other people to write about their impressions and comments on books that are informative in several regards; like new approaches and perspectives of what been a trans person means, feels and how it is identified (aside from self diagnosed). I will begin writing my own comments, impressions and a general description on books that I have read on future postings; and will also write about the reasons why I find them to be worth reading.

    I would like this to be an objective forum and as a sign of respect to publishers and authors, negative comments or impressions on books should not be included but instead make this work a source of information on books that we believe should be on everyone’s shelves.

    I have two final comments: some of the ideas written in this presentation letter, as well as some of the comments I will make on books, might (or will) lack an adequate writing technique; I am not a native English speaker, which helps to an inadequate language or distorted ideas. Finally I would like to add that I am not, nor have I ever worked as an editor; all I wish is a source of information and an objective approach for all those who seek a better understanding of this subject from one of their own.

    Best wishes and regards


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    February 27, 2012 10:50 PM GMT
    I'm enjoying She's Not There (A Life in Two Genders) by Jennifer Finney Boylan.