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hormones and effects long??

  • Rachael, I am only on Estrodot Patches and they are making such a difference. My last test 30/7/12
    returned Estrogen of 947 and Testostorone of just 1.3. The Endo has said there is no need for any others as my body just accepts the E so well.
      August 12, 2012 12:13 AM BST
  • Deanne Dresser said:
    Rachael your post could have been written by me. My boobs are growing and I have buds under my nipples and my endo is very pleased with the way my body is so receptive to the estodial. No wonder I feel so good with myself.


    Oh, tell me about it. Hormones are saving my life. I am so pleased for you and I'm with you 110%. I think was mistaken about my buds earlier on - that felt like grains of rice in the breast. Those buds reallly are here now. It's a few weeks since my last post and now I can really feel and see them. I've read the literature about hard nodules under the nipple but it was not easy to really understand what was meant. They really are immediately under the nipple and they hurt if you press them. I've really noticed other things going on as well, feminisation in the facial area, very nice hair and skin condition improving plus the dangly bits very nice and soft and reducing rapidly. A strange effect seems to be my eyebrows look more feminine and thinner and I haven't even plucked them much. But hey, it's lovely! 


    I know exactly what you mean about the Estradiol. I feel really at home in my changing body. I wonder sometimes if the psychological mind effects the hormones (rather than the other way). I've switched my medication to Oestrogel 1.5mg per day, 1.25 Finasteride and 0.5mg Avodart. Works for me!  


    Sometimes I want to cry at the beauty of it all. Such relief!






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      August 9, 2012 1:29 AM BST
  • Rachael your post could have been written by me.
    My boobs are growing and I have buds under my nipples and my endo is very pleased with the way my body is so receptive to the estodial.
    No wonder I feel so good with myself.
      August 9, 2012 12:17 AM BST
  • Deanne Dresser said:
    I would suggest you see your doctor. Tell him or her all and work forward....
    I absolutely agree. At the end of the day, they are there for one's medical needs so they should not be taking any particular partisan position. In the UK, transgender treatment seems to be almost routine.  
    As an update on my own situation, I've noticed in the past two weeks since my last post, much more boob growth along the sides of my breasts, under my arms. This makes men's shirt too tight which might look a bit weird as I am not en femme yet. I also notice that this boob growth under the arm/side of chest area contributes to the more female shape. My hair seems to be quite busy and growing rather well but it does make my head hot. There's not too much change on my minor MPB issue. Sometimes I think I can see more of a female shape appearing  but I still have no real female hips and rear end but I think I can see what the end result just might be like now I have so much less body hair. I am very surprised at the way my tummy fat is moving around. The changes are almost minute but they add up.  My face is much thinner and beard growth has slowed and the laser has left only the strongest and fairest hairs. Another laser boost is needed. The boobs are coming along. I really think I might have buds under the nipples. They are very sensitive indeed and I can feel something in there which hurts a bit. Clothing makes all the difference. Very soft sport bras are needed as even cotton shirts can feel too rough if they've been washed without conditioner. It's a relief to get a soft bra or soft top on in the evenings after work as this is so much more comfortable.
    But it's all exciting stuff nonetheless!
      July 17, 2012 2:55 AM BST
  • I would suggest you see your doctor. Tell him or her all and work forward. My gp is someone you can talk to about anything and knows all about me. She put me on Estrafem 2mg and after blood tests reduced me back to 1mg.
    I then got a referral and saw a endo. I am now on Estradot which id better for the liver as it is a patch. Changes... Plenty Softer skin, fat redistribution, Head hair thicker, body hair thinner, and I have a fair bit of boob and still growing. very sensitive Nipples. This is seven months of meds. More blood tests soon.
      July 17, 2012 2:19 AM BST
  • Slow reply.


    I'm self medicating and it works for me OK. I travel to Asia a lot and I can get hormones very easily out here - just over the counter. I think it's a case of YMMV (Your Mileage Will Vary). I'm in my 4th month and I've noticed considerable breast growth now. It's becoming hard to hide - baggy clothes work fine but I'm at the time now where I probably need a tight sports bra (Asia = hot and sweaty, not so easy under shirts). My nipples are becoming quite large and they can be visible under light coloured shirts.


    I also think there's been some minor shifting of fat around and certainly my face is become slimmer, hair growth reduced considerably. I've also had laser hair removal all over about 1 month ago. That seemed to have no effect until this past week when much of the hated hair fell out suddenly. Had no effect on my grey facial hair unfortunately. I'm most excited about my legs, hair is almost all gone and boy they are so smooth (love it!). This is very noticeable when wearing shorts. I think my breast growth is probably irreversible now. I'm at Tanner stage 2 now.


    I'm no doctor and of course, one should be monitored closely, but for many this is not an option and the reality is that people do take hormones at the beginning without medical supervision. I wouldn't condone that but if you do it a cautious approach, low doses, slowly and with plenty of research (as you say), the risks while statistically significant are overdone in my opinion (but as I said, I'm no medical professional). Small amounts, of the right stuff, work for me.


    As for medications, I've tried the following in varying combinations and methods - Avodart 0.5mg/day (horribly expensive! for hair loss), Finasteride 1mg/day (cheap! for hair loss), Premarin 0.625mg/day (I crushed it and put it under my tongue) and Oestrogel 1.5mg/day (rub on gel). The thing to watch out for are contraindications between other medications. For other health reasons I'm also taking Omeprazole (an anti acid) and Metformin (for Type 2 diabetes) and Losartan (high blood pressure = BP).  I have higher risks in self medication for sure and I am super cautious. Backing all this up is that I work out quite a bit (trying reach a more female level of weight) and I eat really carefully.


    There's some bizarre benefits to my other medication apart from the Losartan. Metformin is sometimes used apparently to help redistribute fat in MTFs (yay!). Omeprazole can cause breast enlargement in females (yes!). The bad one is Losartan which is contraindicated against Spironolactone (as an anti-androgen and anti BP) as it increases potassium in the blood and this may cause heart problems. However I've read other places that to get to that level you'd need to eat 300 bananas a day to cause major problems! I've decided just because of that one issue - I need more anti-androgens or an orchi - I need to get monitored and I've started that process.  It really matters which medication you use. I found Premarin did nothing much but Oestrogel has really boosted the boob department. 


    So, to cut the story short now, the changes are subtle at the beginning but build up over time. If people see you every day, they might not notice so much at the beginning but if you see people with big gaps in between, the chances are they would notice you look different. People comment on me if they haven't seen me for a month.


    There's some other effects which are a bit odd and are not physical. The mental changes need to be really considered as behaviour will change too even in subtle and hidden ways which you will not seem to have direct control of.  Some effects I think I've noticed are that women smile at me more (why?) and they seem really friendly. But men seem to be more aggressive. Could be just me thinking that in my changed state. I have a feeling that I give off feminine signals somehow (maybe subtle facial changes?) which are not threatening or even attractive (in a non-sexual sense) to women but men get contrary signals (looks like bloke but has feminine behaviours or mannerisms - is this bloke gay and coming on to me?) and find it really uncomfortable. Hard to say really as it depends on the person.


    I would suggest you just bite the bullet and talk it over with your GP. If you are self medicating, they shouldn't be judgemental and should assist with monitoring as that's the ethical thing to do. When I told my GP, he was almost indifferent and ordered some blood tests like it was just a routine. It was a struggle to tell anyone about my gender issues but I was so surprised that basically no-one seemed to care that much about it. The most indifferent attitude were the medical professionals. I've had worse reactions from young people in the street over the fact I was using a handbag! Stupid really.

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      July 5, 2012 4:03 AM BST
  • Ive been toying with the idea of starting myself on hormones (fully researched and responsably taken) and I was just wondering about what sort of effects I might expect and after how long? Obv we're all different but it would be good to build a sort of general picture of what I might expect and when........also are the efeects irreversable without surgery? in cae I have a sudden change of mind or some sort of medical/allergic reaction or something.





      April 18, 2012 5:23 PM BST