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AU student president comes out as transgender

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  • As April turned to May, change was afoot on D.C.'s American University campus. For starters, April 30 marked the end of Student Government President Tim McBride's term. The next day, The Eagle, AU's student newspaper, featured a column from the outgoing president titled ''The Real Me.''

    ''For my entire life, I've wrestled with my gender identity,'' McBride wrote in part. ''It was only after the experiences of this year I was able to come to terms with what had been my deepest secret: I'm transgender.''

    With that, Sarah Elizabeth McBride came out as a transgender woman about as publicly as possible. The reception she's gotten from her AU community has been, in a word, ''overwhelming.'' In a good way.


    The the full report by Will O'Brien in Metro Weekly is here:-

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