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High Heel Recovery (Calf Pains)

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  • Wearing high heels are the main part of dressing up but overtime calfs will hurt, be sore in the morning, tightness in the calf's.


    these types of problems can link to sport type pain, my experience and how i sort out this problem to massage both calfs. im not sure that it may help you but it works for me, plus i do massage course's


    getting the blood flowing will help the process of healing faster, from stimulating and manipulating the muscle tissue (stretching in diffirent direactions). important to do these slowly and ensure that you rub the places that hurt, painful but so worth it after.


    you don't need much to make this work. using baby oil, massage products or can do it in a bath. best done after a wash, your body most likely to be warm enough plus from the warmth of shower or bath will soften the muscles.


    my way of helping the calf pain is using baby oil, towel and a tin can or bottle (make sure that it is full, not empty, it will be crushed and willnot deliver the benfits) i prefer using a tin because its flater surface.


    Tin: putting on the oil over the calfs, ensure that you are on the towel (stops any messes from happening). place the tin under your calf and role it top to bottom. better lifting your leg and bend your knee, the calf becomes more loss and no tense in it. use the tin up and down or diffrent direactions around the calf.


    thumbs: best using your thumbs to target the pain (mostly it would be everywhere). using your thumbs, press hard on the painful area's and rub up and down, and try using both thumbs to stretch the area in the mutiple places.


    parm's of your hands: this is good for presuring large amounts of area of your calf. you should do this after you done with your thumbs, depending on how long you have massaged the calf with your thumbs, overtime there will be blood building up in some places. where the pain is there will be dead cells that are no good and have to replaced. with the right pressure, the parm will push the blood though the calf and get rid of dead cells to increase the healing process.


    exercise's: does not have to much but don't not do any of these if the pain abit much, but if it's an sorness and you feel ok with it, you can do the following:


    ankle bounces: just raise your feet to your tip toe and let go to your flat feet and again raise them as much times you can. this can strengthen the calf's and become more resistant in use of high heels.


    calf stretches (hold for 15 or 20 seconds): place hands on the wall, put 1 knee forward and the other to the back and push against the calf.

    another: go on your back, raise one of your legs, grab your foot and pull against it, you should feel the pull in the calf (depending on your flexiabilty, you feel the pull in your hamstring aswell)



    hope this helped, im not an expect, but i do these to sort this type of problem out, it works for me very well. hope it works for you.


      June 4, 2012 8:22 PM BST