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    • September 14, 2012 8:23 PM BST
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      For those of you in the states that might require financial assistance with your surgeries, the Jim Collins Foundation has grants available to help with this.  Surgeries are carried out by Dr. Christine McGann at the Papillon Centre who specialise in transgender surgeries.

      Although the current grant cycle for this year is finished, you can apply here when it re-opens again for next year

    • September 21, 2012 3:37 PM BST
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      I have just been contacted by Tony Ferraiolo, who is the co-founder and president of the Jim Collins Foundation in which he said:-

      "My name is Tony Ferraiolo; I am the co-founder and president of the Jim Collins Foundation. I want to thank you for helping us spread the word about our foundation. I am also emailing you to clarify that Dr. Christine McGinn is not our only pro bono surgeon. After the grantees were selected, the foundation contacted the surgeons who the grantees selected as their doctors and asked them to donate their services. Dr. McGinn was kind enough to do so, but the foundation still paid for the hospital fees and anesthesia expenses. We recently updated our website when we realized that it might have been misleading. Here's the link to that -

      Thank you again for your support!

      Tony Ferraiolo,
      CPC Transgender Youth Advocate
      203-376-8089 "

      So my grateful thanks to Tony for bringing us all up to date with what they are doing over there in the States

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