The Bubble Gum Club

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    October 30, 2012 10:23 AM GMT

    The Bubble Gum Club. 


    This is how my life and the life of my family changed. This is my retelling hehe.


    Chapter 1, New friends.


    The alarm is going off yet again. Here I am lying in bed staring at my ceiling. "Is my summer really over?" I ask myself. "Ugh" I groan. I can hear my mom yelling from down stairs, "Kevin Cloverdale, wake up!"  I pull my covers back over my head. " I don't want to start high school,” I whisper. Here I am Kevin Cloverdale a fifteen-year-old guy starting high school. I should be excited right? Wrong.  I’m starting at a brand new school. "Thanks mom". Mom moved here for a new job as a secretary. "I don't know why she didn't just keep her old job." Mom got a new job at this high school on the other side of the country. She was excited about this new opportunity; my older sister Kasey and me were not. We left our friends and our home. I was just starting to fit in at school. I didn't have many friends, but it was still at least familiar. I’m small for a guy my age. I'm 5'5" and weigh 120 lbs and my sister always makes fun of me.


    My door burst open "Kevin, WAKE UP!" Kasey yelled as she threw open the door. "I'm driving to school, so hurry the **** up if you want a ride,” Kasey yelled at me. I did not want to take the bus to my new high school, especially on my first day. I crawled out of bed and threw on some clothes. I walked down stairs and mom greeted me with a smile. My mom or Krystal, as my sister would call her 

    was forty years old and totally a MILF. The guys at my old school used to tease me about it. She had long blonde hair, and a nice C cup. She ran daily and was in great shape. She looked down at me and handed me my lunch. "Have a great day Kev. I know this is a new town and a new school, but I want you to put in all your effort. This is a great school if you do your work. Not many guys graduate for some. Only about twenty percent of the guys graduate." "That’s weird,” I said. "My boss, your principal told me to tell you that yesterday." Wait" I asked. "You're working at my school?" 


    Great. Not only is it a new school, but a school where my mom works. "Kill me now". She kisses me on the cheek and pushes me out the door. Kasey is already in her car and halfway down the street. I can hear her laughing at me as her car goes around the corner and out of sight. "You ******* bitch" I yell knowing that she can’t hear it. Damn it I guess it’s the bus for me. I walk around the corner and see a bunch of other kids who look about my age standing on the curb. There were two guys and, no wait. It was four guys and three girls. There were two guys standing next to the girls that I mistook for girls. "They must be gay,” I thought. I walked over to the two normal looking guys and started to say "Hey guys…" when they gave me a once over and pushed me to the ground. 


    "Just great Kev" I thought to myself. "Here goes another year with no friends." I started to walk away when one of the girls came up to me. She introduced herself, "Hey there, you must be new. My name's Mandy, what’s yours?" I was dumb struck. "Umm. Oh hey, I’m Kevin, Kevin Cloverdale, nice to meet you. I thought to myself "she is gorgeous." She was about three inches taller than me. She was wearing some type of black high heels. She had long blonde hair and what looked to be a C cup. She was wearing a pink collared shirt with skintight jeans on. She caught me looking at her and she laughed. She grabbed me by the hand and pulled me over to her group of friends. There were four of them, all wearing the same thing as Mandy. The two boys also had pink shirts on but their shirts said BGC Trainee.  The two boys introduced themselves as Krissy and Samantha. Krissy was my height with shoulder length brown hair. Samantha was a little taller than me with shoulder length blonde hair. The two boys also both had on three-inch heels. "Odd" I thought. Mandy told me that the two boys were sophomores. Mandy and the two other girls Julie and Amber were all juniors. "Lucky me, the only freshman" I said to them, laughing. They all giggled.


    I was staring at them all and their matching outfits. "So how do I get a pink shirt?" I asked jokingly. They all stared at each other and nodded then looked at me. Amber came over to me and looked me over. "I think we found a new recruit girls,” she said to the others. They all giggled. I laughed also, but not sure why. The bus pulled up and we were the first ones on. They all went to the back and called me to follow them. I walked back and sat down next to Amber. Amber was my height with pink hair that matched her shirt and what looked like D cups. So we started talking as the bus filled up with kids. She was asking me about how long I have been in town. I said  "only about a week or so." "Oh that’s cool,” she said. "So what’s this BGC stand for?" I asked. She reached into her bag and grabbed something. She got up and went over and whispered something to Mandy. Mandy nodded and Amber came back and sat down next to me. She asked if I wanted some gum. I said "sure" and popped it in my mouth. "Damn this gum has some kick to it. What flavor is this?" I asked. "Its my favorite" she said. "Mine to" Mandy chimed in. I looked around back at Mandy and Samantha and they to were chewing gum.  

    I started to feel very warm and comfortable. I also started to get hard for some reason. Amber noticed and giggled. "How you feeling over there Kevvy?" She said. I tried hiding my boner, when all of a sudden Amber grabbed it.  Mmm it felt so good. Mandy moved up and came and sat next to me. She leaned in and started to lick my neck. She moved higher to my ear and started whispering. 

    "So Kevvy, do you want to join our little club? We would love you to join. We think you would make a great part of the Bubble Gum Club. Its a secret club, because we have big secrets of our own."


    I sat there with a raging hard on feeling all warm, I almost felt drunk with ecstasy. Amber asked again "You want to become the newest girl in the Bubble Gum Club?" Wait I thought I heard her say "girl" I guess I must be hearing things. I felt so good. I said, "Yes Mandy, yes" She said "Mmmm, good girl Kevvy" Just at that moment I accidentally swallowed my gum and came. Amber was swallowing my cock just as I came. She swallowed every drop. She came back up and sat next   to me.  She then started making out with me. I could taste my ***, but I didn't care. Mandy looked over and giggled. I goggled to. We arrived at school a few minuets later. I got all the girls’ numbers and left to go to homeroom. Mandy yelled out “Hey Kevvy, wait a sec.” I turned around. She came up to me and handed me a pack of gum. “What’s this I ask?” “It’s just what our club is known for. Make sure your always chewing a piece. When the flavor goes, just swallow it. It’s a different kind of gum, plus it *tastes and feels* really good when you swallow. 


    I went into homeroom and stuck a fresh piece of gum in my mouth. The warm sensation instantly returned and I let out a little giggle. I sure do like this gum I thought to myself. By the end of third period I had swallowed three pieces of gum. I also noted how salty the gum tasted as I swallowed it. But every time I did it just tasted better and better. I also noticed something a little odd. My nipples seemed to be more sensitive than I’m used to, but I could just be nervous. I arrived at lunch looking for the familiar faces of the BGC. I saw Krissy waving at me. I found them sitting at a table in the middle of the lunchroom. I sat down next to Mandy. “So Kevvy how’re you liking your first day, but more importantly how are you enjoying that gum?” “Omg Mandy! I love it. It tastes so good especially when I swallow it. I love how warm it makes me feel. Do you guys have any more? I’m on my last piece right now.”  Amber came over and sat next to me. 


    “So Kevvy, have you felt anything strange today? The gum sometimes makes you feel a little weird when you first start chewing it.”  Amber asked me. “Well I did notice that my nipples got really sensitive at one point.” I giggled. 

    Amber stopped what she was doing and looked at the other girls.  “Wow that didn’t take long huh girls? Amber said to all of us.  They all giggled and looked right at me. They all came over in turn and gave me a hug. Samantha came over to me and kissed me on the lips.  I thought I wasn’t into guys but it was so hot that I didn’t care. We were now making out in the middle of the lunchroom, but I noticed no one looking. Before Samantha pulled away passed me her gum with her tongue. “Swallow it girl. You know you love to swallow.” She whispered. She was right. It felt so right to swallow. It felt so good to. Swallowing her gum put me over the edge.  I got instantly hard. Samantha pulled my hand over to his/her cock. (I couldn’t tell anymore, nor did I care) It felt so good with her cock in my hand. It felt so right.  I felt like the gum made me more open to any suggestion. 


    Someone was coming over to our table, so we stopped fooling around and acted normal. I went to look for something in my bag, just as a woman approached. “Mom?” She was carrying a box when she looked up. “Oh hey Kev” she said. 

    “ I have a package for Amber Sluth from the principle. Which one of you gorgeous girls is Amber?  Amber got up and raised her hand, “I’m Amber and looked at the package. “Oh this is from Ms. Cummings our principal. It’s our new gum for the week. Thanks Ms. Cloverdale!”

    “No prob hun. Btw that gum is really good! Ms. Cummings has been sharing hers with me all day” she giggled and winked at Amber.  We all giggled. Mom left just as amber was opening the box. She handed all the girls 5 packs. When she got to me she handed me 10 packs. “Kevvy, you should totally chew 2 packs a day. It will make you so much happier, right girls?” “Omg, yes” they all said. 


    I just finished my last period of the day, and my third pack of gum. I was getting on the bus when I saw my friends; the five of them were already in the back giggling away. I walked back and took an open seat next to Mandy. She gave me a big hug a quick kiss on lips. So “Kevvy how was your first day as a BGC girl” she asked? “Well it was awesome for one. Never have I met such awesome people the first day of school. Plus this gum I can’t get enough of it. I love the taste and the way it makes me feel. But I’m not a girl Mandy.” She moved in close and kissed me full on the lips. She started to grab my cock through my pants. I then felt a huge wad of gum enter my mouth from hers. It must have been like 10 pieces. “Swallow it slut,” she told me; as she moved down to unbutton my pants. She took my now hard cock in her mouth and started to suck just as I swallowed her gum. I instantly came and she caught it all. She moved back up to me. She motioned to Amber. Amber came over and sat next to me. She then to started kissing me.  A moment later she to passed me her gum wad. And then again she went down and sucked me off. This happened over and over until lastly Samantha sucked me off.  They all then started kissing. I noticed that they were all passing my *** to each other until all of it was in Mandy’s mouth. She then bent down and kissed me. She passed me all of my ***. It tastes so familiar. What does this taste like, I asked myself? Mandy’s face changed all of sudden. She grabbed my hair and whispered in my ear, “Swallow that *** you slut. You love to swallow, you want to swallow, and you need to swallow. When you swallow this, your transformation will start. Do you want to be our newest member, do you want to be a slut?” I swallowed, and passed out.

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    Love it! When is the next chapter!!??