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Another year, another layer of cellulite. lol

  • 2 years on and my weight has remained constant. 


    However, I skipped Christmas this year and I am determined to succeed. 


    The 'resacralization' of self has begun.


      December 26, 2014 11:19 PM GMT
  • Hi


    Three weeks in and I am averaging 2.2lb a week.

    I note that two pound per week is the recommended rate of weight loss.


    However, I would not pretend to have a perfect diet, it needs a lot of fine tuning.


    But have you ever noticed how people where you work seem to put weight on over the year?

    This is my next formidable challenge for when the holidays end in a week and the imminent return to work becomes a reality I will need to be careful not to become blaise about meals.


    Time passes practically unnoticed during the working year so in ten weeks I should have achieved a significant goal. 


    So wish me luck and I hope you too gain health and happiness.


    Love Chalice.  

      January 21, 2013 12:33 PM GMT
  • What is "cellulite" ..LOL
    <p>Doanna Highland</p>
      January 2, 2013 5:56 AM GMT
  • I have just rung in 2013 with some very special company this year.

    From out of nowhere came a woman who was more than happy to spend the night showing me how to get the most out of becoming the womam I seem destined to be.


    I have had my battles in the past but now  I look forward to the many opportunities that lay ahead.

    Not least of all, the opportunity to be happy.


    I think the greatest challenge for me, as 2013 begins, is my weight and figure.

    Since starting Hormone Treatment (HT) several years ago my bust has moved from 39.5 inches to 44 inches or 100cm to 112cm. My hips/buttocks have shifted from 40 inches to 42 inches or 101cm to 106.5cm.


    I don't have any hair issues because even at my age there are no signs of balding.

    So this year I need to adopt a hair style that suits me.


    I have had considerable work done on my face and therefore the remaining sessions should bring about a pleasing result.

    Again, this year I need to adopt a face (make-up) that will make me comfortable.


    At this stage of the process I feel that being transsexual is very Spiritual. Its not quite a fantasy but it is like it and fantasies are in turn very much like mythologies.

    Our spirituality is built upon our mythologies, or the cultural stories that Jung said come from deep within our consciousness.


    To conclude, since the very essence of my core is female, just as it is with many of you here, I can say very confidently that I love you all very much. I love being myself and therefore I can say I love you all too.


    So, I will raise a glass later this evening to this year and the promises it holds for some very exciting, positive and welcomed developments.


    With Love

    Chalice Brendale        


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