Adam and Eve joke

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    February 13, 2013 9:59 PM GMT

    The Characters in this joke are purely fictional.



    God says to Adam i want you to go over to that hill.


    Adam: Whats a hill?

    God: That big thing over there ->

    God: You will have to cross that river to get there

    Adam: Whats a river?

    God: Its that wet stuff between here and the hill

    Adam: How do i cross it?

    God: You build a bridge

    Adam: Whats a bridge?

    God: You make it with wood to stop you getting wet cos your so thick you can't swim.

    God: When you have made the bridge go over to the hill and you will see a cave.

    Adam: Whats a cave?

    God: Its a hole in the hill you can enter

    God: In the cave there is a woman named Eve

    Adam: Whats a woman?

    God: Its like you but it has two bumps on its chest and an no penis

    God: You must put your penis in her and reproduce you will enjoy it.

    Now go and come back and tell me what happened.


    Adam went and built a bridge then walked for miles up the hill to the cave and found Eve then returned.


    God: Well how did it go then?


    Adam: Whats a headache????.

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    February 16, 2013 10:15 AM GMT