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Hi alls from dan, and yes i am like this,

  • Hi Dan - or should I say Heather?


    Thank you for bearing your soul to us. 

    I am happy to hear that you met someone as well!  Good for you both :D


    Do you have major facial hair?  If so and you are interested in having none, then yes, laser hair removal is your best option.  Until then though, one thing you can try that I know will be painful but also less expensive and less invasive is facial waxing.  What part of the country do you live in? 

    Laser treatments can be expensive and you have to keep your hair a certain length and do many treatments. 


    If you went and had your grown in beard waxed off by a professional aesthetician, not only would your hair come back softer next time, but you can experience a week or so of a clean face.  The good thing about this is you can see if you really love it and if so, you can make plans to have it permanently removed.  That is what I did.  I didn't have a full thick beard thought, but still I have dark brown hair.  This is still the method I use for my body hair - wax wax wax.  I can't afford the overall body laser hair removal - yet.  But that is okay since ladies have body hair too.  

    Other than that, my biggest confidence builder was my breasts.


    Best of luck to you and keep in touch!


    <3 Maxxine

      March 13, 2014 4:32 PM GMT
  • Embarassed  I kind of bounce around and sometimes all over ah hell most of the time. i just got here a few days ago and i have a meet a wonderfull person already, yes billie you a rough daimond. So good, kind, nice, sweet, ect i could go on and on. ( and i don't mean any offence) Anyhow i have found the door a few times but not gotten in open yet. I don't really know what to say so i will leave it here and say huggs. So i have alot of questions and of course looking for guidence in my path to find meet and be the best and happyest me i can be.


    I have not found any where in the search for how to start and or what is a good first step.


     i mean i got some gaff's but i really don't like to wear them. they feel like thats a night out kind of underwear( there are so small) and i have some undiess that i can tie up them with ( smiles) for everyday wearing. But that's not really changing anything for me. the (boys) for lack of anything else to say, kind of hide back there anyhow. But do i go for the night clothes and make up, mirror , get my ears pierced ( found some great earing ) little dolphins and a claps. or do i go out and get my beard lazored off??  sorry maybe i sould blog all of this instead.  

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