gender divison in two opposites is greatest mistake of mankind

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    October 21, 2013 7:20 PM BST

    I got to add entirely different perspective to the matter. May be time has come for us to accept the new truths.(ref. MAN IS THE EXTENSION OF WOMAN). Its an universal equation it can not be denied.But look at the man. He is something more.  He is X and Y.  That means, he is essentially an ‘X ’plus something extra. What do I mean by that! Man is already a woman that is ‘X’, plus something extra.  Does that mean first step towards manhood is womanhood? Now let’s talk in mathematical language. Here is the equation,   Man = 22 autosomes + X + Y Woman= 22 autosomes + X + X= 22 autsomes + X (by logic not by mathematics). . .  Man= (22 autosomes + X) + Y= Woman + Y (by mathematics, simply) So man is everything that woman is, plus something extra.  Now the extra thing is not qualitatively different, but quantitatively. Hence Y here must be somewhat like X + 1, X+2 or X+ 3 or something like that. It would be ultimately proven that woman can potentially grow into man. Similarly man can reduce to woman, if he loses some part of ‘Y’.

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    October 22, 2013 1:08 AM BST

    The beginnings of life had no genders. We all are a product of genderless beginnings.Interesting analysis Mahi

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    October 22, 2013 4:33 PM BST

    Gender is simply a social construction, it is a model of behaving and appearing a certain way depending upon one's biology. It is perpertrated by society who have an idea of what they percieve as 'normal' for male/female. It is also only relevant to a certain time and place, i.e., different societies have differing views on gender norms, and even the Western viewpoint changes with time as can be seen in the last century with it becoming acceptable for women to wear clothing seen as traditionally male, something that would not have been tolerated at the beginning of the 20th century. Likewise with women in employment, being given the vote, holding public office etc. The list is exhaustive. 


    Women challenged the norms of society and were able to instigate changes, not often popular ones, which has led to them being on an equal footing with men. It speaks volumes about their resilience and fortitude and is a lesson that we can all learn.