Hello to you all

  • March 9, 2014 6:39 PM GMT

    Well hi,I am new to this forum and to be honest a touch nervy,I have always loved wearing girlie things especially short dresses and nighties,but always in private for my own pleasure if you know what I mean.I have always shaved all body hair so I am smooth all over.Up until this year I would have said I am straight as a pole but now I would say gay curious or bi curious or just curious.last month I self dedicated myself and now I am pagan/wiccan and I am more not so much tolerant but more open minded to all life,I would love to be friends or buddies with people on line and I am so glad to be here so thank you.xxxx

    Blessed be.xxxx

    Love always Marcie.xxxx

  • March 13, 2014 4:21 PM GMT

    Hi Marcie,


    Welcome!  May I ask what is drawing you to the wiccan culture?  Were you religious before?


    I am here to be friends and I am very curious to get to know you!  My apologies if I ask too many personal questions


    I am very open minded and my most recent transformation came when I was visiting Thailand.  There I became very interested in the Buddhist lifestyle since there is a massive gay, lesbian, TG and crossdressing community.  The thing that struck me about this place is not that this community existed but rather that they were so openly accepted by society. 


    I stayed for 8 months during which time I learned the Thai ladyboy secret of having natural breasts.  This changed my life I must say. 


    My journey has taken me here but I still have my male parts, otherwise, you cannot tell that I am not a woman.  I was lucky and have very petite genes being Portuguese and I am also very short. 

    Feel free to chat anytime.  What sort of other things are you into? Do you have friends that know?

  • March 13, 2014 8:36 PM GMT

    Hi Maxxine my love,I have known for a while I have not been Christian it's not that I hate Christianity it's that I have fallen out of love with it.For instance in my opinion I do not feel balanced because you have a religion that is dominated by one sex that being male (the father,son etc)and to me there is no female presence except that of Mary and she is just childbearer and that is very sexist in my opinion,in paganism and Wicca if you have God then you have Goddess it's a balance.Also when I was a child some could say it was a vision or a dream,I dreamed that I was a princess being took to a castle and I spied a beautiful witch at the entrance to an enchanted forest,in the end of the dream I am with the witch in all her glory plus I have had other signs and magic happening and I self dedicated myself to paganism at the last full moon.The princess and the witch dream I had a second time the same dream only in January this year so that was when I decided to change my beliefs officially,it was in my opinion a sign to change.Going back to when I first had the dream as a small boy to dream of being a beautiful princess was an unbelievable thing to happen and that's what got me wearing women's clothes whenever I could.I love my music and I love reading,I used to read horror and thrillers but I found them tedious,there is so much badness in our beautiful world why read about it so I love feminine books like romantic novels and I also read female magazines.I still love my sport though like football and the two rugby codes so I haven't abandoned everything of my male side.The only person who knows that I have worn female clothing is my wife but we don't talk about it really as she doesn't like the whole thing as you can imagine.Well Maxxine love I must go to bed now as I need my beauty sleep but I would love the chance to speak more to you and thank you for your reply to the original post.xxxx

    Blessed be and may the Goddess protect you through the dark hours.xxxx

    Love and Hugs Marcie XxxxX

  • July 24, 2014 7:05 PM BST

    Oh Marcie,


    You are one of my faves!  I just love your unbridled honesty!  <3

    I couldn't agree with you more in regard to your religious beliefs.  When I was growing up, my household was agnostic.  We had no religious beliefs.  I din't live in a community where people went to church and I never saw them around the neighborhood and had never even seen or heard of the Bible, Jesus, etc.  I grew up in the Bay area of San Francisco, California which is a very open-minded place as you probably already know!


    At the age of about 8 or 9, I spent some time with a friend of mine named Grace who had me watch some of her mother and father's Korean spiritual movies.  You were supposed to watch it and faint if you felt the presence of God.  I wanted desperately to do this but felt nothing.  She would fall to the floor and begin convulsing and in order not to feel left out, I would do the same.  We would play games at school and pretend to be God and the Devil based on what she learned in church that week.


    Finally she brought in a pamphlet about this man who died, went to heaven and then his sins were broadcast on a movie screen.  They were filled with drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and women of course.  There were scenes where people had tried to get him to go to church, read the Bible and accept Jesus into his heart to "save" him.  In the end he was sent to hell surrounded by flames.  The final page says that you should share this with everyone you loved.  The entire day at school I was confused and couldn't want to take it home and show my father so that he wouldn't go to "hell".  He told me that I was too young to make a decision like this and took the book from me. 


    It wasn't until years later when I was put into foster homes that I was exposed to Southern Baptist churches and tried to become "saved" and I even read the Bible and took a college course later on the Bible as a literature from a historical standpoint. 


    All that I can say is that I can't believe in any organized religion due to it's intolerance for others and the simple fact that if there was a God, we humans couldn't possibly begin to comprehend such an entity. 

    Bhuddism is the only "religion" and other pagan religions that worship nature and science are the ones that appeal to me as well. 


    One thing about your message that struck me is talking about what you put inside of your head.  I do not like to read or watch films or TV shows that contain graphic violence, hatred and other low level vibrations either.  I believe that your thoughts become your world and what you put in your mind, the universe will give you in abundance. 


    What are your thoughts on a neutral gender being the height of evolution?

  • July 28, 2014 12:39 PM BST

    Helloooo Maxxine,my sweet lovely Maxxine,you too are one of my favourites my darlin,sooooo let's start off with your final question,a neutral gender,being the height of evolution,I do so hope not but then God is male,Goddess of course female,but not like us mere mortals,otherwise they would have the same problems we have,they are higher intelligence if that is the right word I am not speaking extra terrestrials,I am talking greater beings more magickal,more powerful than you or I could ever imagine my love,the thought of a being that we have all come from that is neither male or female scares me a touch because you start to think we'll what would it be then,no no no God and Goddess I am happy with that,and if any of this first paragraph makes any sense to you please let me know the next time we speak.

    Right my darlin Helloooo,what has been happening in your lovely life,it's been a while,well since last time we spoke I seem to be coming more and more out of my closet,more and more people are finding out about me changing to Wicca and Paganism,and also I am being ever sooooo brave and telling people I am a fairy queen,which is my name on some of my sites,Marcie the fairy queen,and people on the sites love it,I am telling people in reality world also.One guy posted a picture of the horned God,Cerranus,I'm pretty sure that is how you spell it,anyways,this picture had him completely naked and sat on some kinda throne,let's just say he was very excited,I couldn't keep my eyes away,and I found it such a thrill to be staring,a little thought crept into my head,you may be gay for staring for sooo long,but another part was sayin so what if I am,it's really strange but good,it's like I am exploring new avenues,between you and I my love,I felt I wanted to kneel before the horned God between his legs and you can guess the rest,I hope you are not offended by this,because you are my lovely friend I feel I can open up and reveal my inner most secrets,I hope you don't mind.Whether Gay or Straight all that I do know is I am married to a female,have been for 23years,and will continue to be married to her,I love her so much,but I have this other side,my wiccan and Pagan side which she is not interested in so that is my life,plus I could never cheat on her,she knows about me dressing as a woman,at home only,and that is all I have done.On my sites I have joined every Gay and lesbian and transgender groups,I do now have gay friends,who I get on with,as well as straight friends too,it's sooo thrilling,I do also love comin on this lovely site of ours and seeing if you are back to have a chat with,I do sooo miss you not being on as often,I hope your work is really good and you are very happy in your job and life,well my lovely Maxxine,I shall love you and leave you for now,until next time take good care of yourself,much love sent your way from the fairy queen xxxx

    Bright Blessings xxxx

    All My Love

    Marcie xxxx