FaceBook Connect SocialDNA link is broken!

  • June 1, 2014 1:32 AM BST
    I go to the SocialDNA tab ( http://gendersociety.com/socialdna ), I click on the FaceBook "Connect" link and I am taken to this webpage ( https://m.facebook.com/dialog/oauth?app_id=132484816787516&client_id=132484816787516&display=touch&domain=gendersociety.com&e2e=%7B%7D&locale=en_US&origin=2&redirect_uri=http%3A%2F%2Fstatic.ak.facebook.com%2Fconnect%2Fxd_arbiter%2FV80PAcvrynR.js%3Fversion%3D41%23cb%3Df19770f31%26domain%3Dgendersociety.com%26origin%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fgendersociety.com%252Ff14d52ebf4%26relation%3Dopener%26frame%3Df333f532d8&response_type=token%2Csigned_request&scope=offline_access%2Cpublish_stream&sdk=joey ), and this is the text of the error I get: Given URL is not allowed by the Application configuration.: One or more of the given URLs is not allowed by the App's settings. It must match the Website URL or Canvas URL, or the domain must be a subdomain of one of the App's domains. Could someone associated with The Gender Society help me with this error?