• June 15, 2014 10:06 AM BST

    Erm... Hi .///.

    My name is Alistair, pre-op and pre-hormones but I'm getting there. I don't have the money or the time at the moment but I'm doing everything I can to get around without them.

    Hmm, what to say? When I was too young to dress myself, my mother and father would take turns in doing so for me. Whenever my mother dressed me it was in brightly coloured and frilly clothes while my father dressed me in overalls and the such. As I grew older, I quickly grew a preference for the clothes and mannerisms typically not associated with my biological sex. All of my friends during primary school were the opposite sex to me and most of the time I felt envious of them though at the time I had no idea why.

    Now, however, I completely understand. I've tried - let me excentuate tried - coming out to my parents and only one of my friends knows though it's probably obvious in the way I dress and act.

    Erm, I think that's about it for now? I'm so nervous ha .-.