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Just something I wrote but do no know why.

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  • I wrote this whilst I was away on a break as I watched the sunrise. I have no reason why I wrote it as it just came into my head.


    This morning as I watched to sunrise through the tree's

    In a gentle breeze I though why?

    I know that one day I will never see the sun and feel the breeze

    because one day I will die.

    But this is today now and I know that I am alive

    and no longer have to fight to survive.

    Like a child everyday I learn something new

    with my ears or my eyes and things they hear and view.

    I wonder at time's if I will ever stop learning but

    I alway's have that desire and yearning.

    I have been through some hard time's

    and right now a taste of the good.

    So what more can I do to teach and still learn?

    I teach what I learnt when my finger's got burned.

    If I ever stop learning something new everyday

    then time would have stopped for me in every way.

    The sun has gone down now but the breeze is still there

    I cannot see it but can feel it in my hair.

    Tomorrow is yet another day if I get to see it

    and if I don't then I guess that's so-be-it.

    I hope there come's a time when all will be free

    to live a a life like me , as meant to be.

    I would do it all again given a chance because

    it was all worth it , I was given more than a glance.

    Not very creative but true.

    You all take care , Julia x

      October 4, 2014 4:42 PM BST