Greeting from British Columbia Canada

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    October 5, 2014 1:44 AM BST

    Hello out there

    and greetings from the Fraser Valley in beautiful British Columbia in Canada.

    As you can see by my name, I am Toni-Lynn. I am a married crossdresser, age 57, but 44 in girl years -- more in a minute on that). My wife is 100% accepting and in also fancies a bit of crossdressing herself, as she like to wear guys undies and such.

    As I mention above, 44 in girl years. That is because at age 13, back in 1971, 5 February to be exact, I got my first bra -- a Teencharm training bra. From then on, it been quite a ride. Crossdressed a LOT as a teeanger, and was sadly, abused at home for it. Lead to me being an alcoholic, sober now for 26 years.

    I am divorced once, having married back in 1994. That lasted 18 months. Turned out she liked girls, just not ones with extra bits.

    When 2005 rolled around, and I met my soulmate, I knew that I had to tell her. So on a cold December Sunday, with a tear in my eye,a nd preapred that it wouldend, I told her, "I like to wear girls clothes". After a pause of an eternity, she said "Okay."

    The rest is history. I tol dher about my dressing and my love of girsl that dressed as guys and that I had written FTM crossdressing fictoin and she was totally over the moon fine with it, and we feel madly in love with each other.

    She encourages my crossdressing, buys me goodies, dresses me as she likes to see me as well as how I love to dress for her. I in turn keep her in jockstraps and men's briefs!

    It is because of her that you will see me around town (we live in a very cool and open-minded town) on my bike doing my daily ride whilst wearing a skort -- you'll also seeme at the grocery store that way -- and best bit -- no one in this town cares!

    I might also mention that we are very devout Roman Catholics, with our faith being the glue of our love for each other

    Oh - - I am on self-imposed exile from a certain other BIG CDer forum

    So that's enough for now

    Oh -- looking for CD friendly shops hair, makeup, clothes, etc) in the Fraser Valley and Vancouver BC