The way it appears

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    November 20, 2014 3:01 AM GMT
    Maybe I'm getting old, maybe not but it seems to me the the U.S.A. is on the road to falling apart.
    The country seems to be divided between those that can shout the loudest and those who have given up. That's sad when you think about it.  I try to be non-political but that doesn't seem to work. I have to take a stand- am I for the country being taken over by the few that feather their own nests or do I want a revolution. I'm against blood letting. But it seems as if my blood will be let. 
    There appears to be a group that wants power no matter what -they want to run the country and the citizenry be damned. Elections do not determine the voice of the people but the voice of money. Money is power. Am I wrong?
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    November 20, 2014 5:29 AM GMT

    I wouldn't panic just yet.

    American is the New Jerusalem and I trust the Jews. 

    After all "the words of the prophet are written on the subway walls",

    "And the first one now, Will later be last"



  • November 20, 2014 1:40 PM GMT

    Same in the UK Mary, a  conservative government that over the years has sold of the countrys assets, national industries that have been subsidised over the years by the tax payers, as soon as they make a profit, sold into the hands of the greedy corporations.    No place for the shovel and spade workers, IT and bankers rule.   No more subsidies or tax relief for hiring apprentices, by small firms, trade schools sold of to private enterprise, how many school leavers can afford £5000 to learn a trade.    cheap foreign labour bodgers.


    We have a regular programme on TV, ''Rouge Traders''   Get four quotes for building work, three around the £70K mark and one for £48K, people opt for the cheapest quote and then are suprised to find the job is unfinished, dangerous and

    worth about £10K,   Genuine and reputable British companies are forced to register, pay exorbitant fees, insurances, obviously can't compete.   Its all about ethics and loyalty.   But unfortunately greed rules.


    Aspects of our National health service sold off, staff cut backs where it realy counts, top heavy management, all about profits.   British people renowned for their apathy, just muddle along.   Now and again we have riots,  employment and unemployment figures manipulated, apparently if you have been unemployed for over 6 months, management of those people is taken over by private companies and then do not count as unemployed in the national statistics. they are then termed as job seekers. forced to take up menial jobs in supermarkets for their benefits of £70 a week.   Saving large corporations vast ammounts of money in wages. 


    Retired people worked all their lives, paid taxes and contributions to a health and welfare system forced to live on a £100 a week imigration out of control.


    I can see another  scenario arising, horrendous as it seems of another Charismatic Hitler type person arousing the masses and getting into power.


  • November 20, 2014 3:49 PM GMT

    Hi Mary;


    It appears that people getting into politics to "serve the people" is a thing of the past. From the day someone decides they are going to enter public service, the well funded political parties open the bidding. Who are these parties funded by? Not the people of our countries to be sure. As Chrissie said, it's the financiers, the megacorporations, the political action committees that have their own agenda that drive the poliitcal parties in both our countries. the days of a government "of the people, by the people and for the people" has vanished in the wake of corporate greed, and personal gain at any cost. What about the "little guy"? The guy who works every day and can barely keep his family's head above water? Any say he may have had in the political process was robbed from him years ago. Who robbed him? The very people that were supposed to be acting in his best interest. The current system is broken. Badly broken. Whether it is past the point of repair is anyone's guess. Where do we start? Get the politicians out of bed with the PACs and the companies who are trying to maximize their profits at the cost of everyone and everything else. Because I'm a tad older than most folks here, I have witnessed the serial rape of the United States and Great Britain and it's "middle class". You can point the finger at a lot of "sentinel events" that have been minimized over the course of time. Nixon allowing the dollar to "float" on the market rather than be backed by the gold standard then reestablishing trade with China. NAFTA, outsourcing, "Reaganomics", union busting, the multiple wars in Iraq. The list is as long as your arm. No political party  currently in power is exempt from what has happened over decades. Everyone currently holding a position within government has FORGOTTEN WHO THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING FOR! Meanwhile, the corporations and the 1% at the top continue to live well. iIn the US, like Great Britain, the long term unemployed fall off the charts into no mans land after a few months. Why? Because people look at theose numbers as an indicator  that maybe the ecomony is going to improve. The days of companies caring for their employees is gone. The days of a person finding a job and spending most of their adult life working for one company are gone. Companies now view their employees as a liability rather than an asset.

    Is there another charismatic politician hiding in the wings, ready to reap the harvest of discontent? I hope not.

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    November 20, 2014 7:00 PM GMT
    I thank you for reading my rant and agreeing with me.  UK used to be renound for their autos, china (dishes not the country), silver service and many more consumables that we knew were "top of the line." Sorry to say - no more. 
    As for Indiana - all your industry is gone - we took a train ride a few years ago from Chicago to NYC - the empty warehouses and abandoned worksites were horrifying.  The banks and insurance companies are running things....
    Our election last week was a laugh (if you like black humor). We vote on machines which can be fixed to record - ?  
    Sorry to spread misery.
  • November 20, 2014 9:39 PM GMT

    History leads me to believe that things are reaching a head,   The American war of independance, The American civial war, The English civil war, the subsequesnt riots, the French revolution, the subsequesnt riots we have seen against the poll tax and the riots several years ago.   The MP's expenses scandals. coruption in government, only to be compared with 3rd world countries.   Iraque, Syria, all the result of greed and injustice.

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    November 20, 2014 10:13 PM GMT
    I think about the situation a lot - it's disturbing.  The newspaper reported three policemen emptied their pistols into a man who lunged at them with a knife. It didn't report how big the knife but he certainly wasn't as well armed as the police.
    When the protests started in Ferguson, Missouri - what happened? - the national guard was called out. If we hit the streets as the people do in South America and Europe, it would be labeled as a riot and we'd be gunned down - no questions asked.  As you say greed, injustice and the power of money.
  • November 20, 2014 10:54 PM GMT

    Here in the UK our biggest import is people. We import them and then house them and give them tax payers money to send back to their familys so they can come here too. We do not need to be invaded from any aggressor as we have them here now . Our stupid governments has given them the perfect spot to invade "From within" .


    Range Rover once was a Great British motor company but is now owned by Ta Ta motors of India who we give 1.4 billion in aid to every year. Yes we give them money to buy our company's with and build rockets and bombs. Charity's are just as bad! Oxfam paid 1.1 million for 10 new range rovers to be sent to Africa. Second hand one's are not good enough it seems for third world countries , they want nice new one's. They could have very easily bought 10 used one's  for £100.000 a massive saving of one million GBP that has been donated by the Great British public.


    In the 18 and 19 century we exported over 165.000 criminals to a place where they all bred so now the country is now mainly made up of direct decendants of our criminals. Best idea ever should send more there.


    Our great friendship with the USA is good but that friendship is costing both our nations billions in fighting against a load of religious head cases who think chopping peoples heads off and blowing people up is fun.


    Best we go back to the good old days and start up a new export! All the ones that have been imported and bred. It would free up housing and save us billions. I do not mean the honest hard working ones that contribute to our country in a big way such as the NHS . Just get rid of the trash because they are so bored the only thing they can think of is how to kill people. Because they only read one book their minds get all screwed up. Today in court 3 of them that were planing a public beheading were said to be laughing in court! Because they know they will be well looked after , again at the tax payers expense.


    That is my rant over.

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  • November 21, 2014 12:00 AM GMT

    To quote Buffalo Springfield from the song "for what it's worth":


    there's something happenin' here,

    what it is ain't exactly clear,

    there's a man with a gun over there.

    telli' me, I've got to beware...


    Anyone not familiar with 60ese, i will be happy to translate:)


    those that do not learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them...

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    November 26, 2014 3:53 PM GMT
    They say we should learn from history but sadly we never learn.  In Britain it does seem that the majority of polictians are all in the middle road, posh people and have exactly the same policies as each other and just say "We can do better." but instead when they come into power they just don't do what they say they do, partly because they are as crooked as the previous government or because of they mess up the previous messes.  
    EVen if the polictians who sound like they came from the working class they just....well.....the same.  Sadly the mess and broken promises will be even more broken and messed up.
  • November 28, 2014 11:22 PM GMT

    It is clear to see from the video below why the UK population is saying enough is enough. This footage is from the UK! . I am not a racist and never have been but our borders need to be closed. It is very hard to spot anyone in this who originates from the UK. The camera men and women look of British origin. This is like a legal riot and it will not be long before we end up with more illegal ones. All I need to know now is who to vote for next year! I want my country back to where it was when I started work without any hatred and greed. The only way to put a stop to the hate is to close our borders and just be honest and put a sign up saying  "Sorry we are full" it is true.


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    November 29, 2014 9:59 AM GMT
    Aren't we all imirigrants or rather descended from imirigrants starting from the Romans, Germanic tribes such as Angles and sazons, Norse and Scots (they came from Ireland originally).  Now I know these people actually invaded us BEFORE they colonise our little island but still.....
  • November 29, 2014 12:39 PM GMT

    I am not an immigrant Suzy I was born here in the uk and am still here, where I decended from is from my parents whom were also born in the UK. I am pointing out that this Country cannot support any more migrants. I owe my life to doctors that have migrated here and I have many friends not of UK origin. I was brought up on a council estate where its main purpose was to house African Caribbean workers that had been invited to the UK by the government to help rebuild this country after the war , so my friends were 90% migrants.


    Things have changed since the days of the Romans and Saxons. It is easy to see why people have had enough. We house in London alone over 5000 people with known terrorist links and they are just the known ones. Something is going to have to give soon. We cannot cope with housing and other services such as schools with an open door from the EU. Just a language test would prevent most entering the UK if were put in place.


    If you look at the image attached to this it looks like aid workers handing out food and water in a third world country.

    I always vote but next year I have no clue for the first time in my life who to vote for to attempt to run this country.

    Any person can see this is going to be what is going to be on most peoples minds next May. I do not want to see the UK run by any party that supports hatred.  If putting an end to migration into the UK stops now it is still going to take decades to find homes for millions of family's so it is time to put the brakes on "WE ARE FULL" there is no escaping the fact.

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    November 29, 2014 6:29 PM GMT
    "They're rioting in Africa
    they's fighting in Spain
    what nature doesn't do to us
    will be done by our fellow man"
    Song popularized by the Kingston Trio a long time ago