Minnnesota papers run full page anti-TG ads

  • December 1, 2014 4:24 PM GMT


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    December 3, 2014 2:05 AM GMT

    The response is two-fold.  First, the transgender girl probably WON'T be that keen to play those particular sports, even with other girls, except maybe for fun or just to be with her friends.  She wants to be a girl, not a jock like the boys.


    Second, if your daughter is that good, maybe she should be on the BOY's team, where she would get even bigger scholarships!


    By the way, it's highly unlikely they will be taking showers together, and even if she did, the androgen blockers such as Spiro, would make it nearly impossible for her to do much of anything.  More likely, if she DID have to take a shower, she would do everything she could to be as much like the other girls as possible (NOT flashing a hot-dog - which would be more like a vienna sausage, if that).


    In the restroom, she would wait just like the other girls, use a stall, like the other girls, sit like the other girls, and she would do her business and get out quickly, just like the other girls, aware that others are waiting.  The LAST thing she wants to do, especially in the ladies' room, is do anything that would draw attention in any way to any "boy parts" she has left.


    We should also point out that most transgender girls (MtF) have a horrible life as boys.  We need to paint the picture - a 6-8 year old boy, pushed to the ground, laying on his side as a dozen or so boy kick him for 10-15 minutes - every day, three times a day - for 5-6 years.  Talk about post-traumatic-stress disorder!


    Assuming she survives that, if she starts puberty, she is very likely to be traumatized.  The LAST thing she wants is a lower voice, hairy face, and hairy legs.  She may even think about suicide - roughly half of all transgender girls make at least one ATTEMPT before they are 30.  Half of all male teen suicides are boys who are gay, transgendered, bisexual, or lesbian (transgender girls are lesbians, not straight).


    Ask that nice lady if she would be willing to put HER daughter through that terror, day after day, for years, with no chance of a normal life as a boy?  This is what the parents of transgendered girls have to live with every single day.