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  • I wrote this poem sometime last year, thought I'd share it. It's my favouite thing I ever wrote

    I once woke up and looked out the window
    Listen to an intro, ****** on indo
    My pale skin glowed though I felt so rough
    touched by the heat I was safe once
    Spent months in shades, blazing on blunts
    Till an angel had come and it got me wondering
    What happened to fun? Lumbered with sadness
    this cynical world alone I'd crafted
    And mastered the art of a bleeding heart
    I needed a spark, a belief in life
    That I'm sorry I saw in your beautiful eyes
    This storys one so full of surprises, cuz I nearly died on that shameful island
    Truth is in the mist of that silence, for once I really struggled to lie and
    I felt so trapped in your colours... vibrant.
    It went and worsened whenever you asked why.
    You were the person I couldn't deceive, for the first time ever and I couldn't believe it
    Consumed with guilt, holding these secrets
    The walls I'd built I began to hit
    All that I hid as a kid, transparent
    The sands of my life, wasted - apparent
    I hadn't ever felt such a sick imbalance
    As tricks I'd learnt then burned away, I closed all curtains on the 13th day
    Certain that I'm worth to be deserted, but something in my world then diverted back
    To a past imperfect then suddenly 'flash!'
    So I asked myself what help is this mask?
    Then it hit me at last, I remembered fast
    Memories from school and the cul de sac
    That fact remained, no synchronicity
    The answer then danced in the lights of the city
    From the bottom of my heart and this music within me
    The Truth is I was you...


    See, it isn't so easy is it?
    Singing to yourself in such a cold blizzard
    Used to be that wizzard that believed in magic
    I read it all back, was so ******* bad it's...
    Looking to the past, denial of existance
    Instantly that flame in my heart had parted,
    that was when it all started,
    It's hard until you then, crash into stardust
    Try to rise above it but you only cried
    cuz only to lie was a way to survive
    Then a whole your later your amazed at why
    as you wave bye, to your fake defences
    Thinking of the friend you miss still sighing,
    Maybe it's a sign to rewind time
    Learn from your mind as you map the madness
    Turn the traffic like your traffic checking
    eject from the steps that you once had repped in
    then drop the weapons, maybe hope for heaven
    then speak for a second with your head in the clouds
    and be proud to say "**** it I failed"
    cuz I'm only human but Ineed more fuel than money
    or anything I'd ever consumed
    as my minds keep moving in time with music
    Danni's alive though she still ain't used to it
    Her bodys abused and these shoes don't fit
    Knew it as he fell he was soon to lose it
    Till blues hit a fuse and he blew up chewing on a pill and view 'no way to move on'
    when 'So Long Goodbye' was a soothing song
    when suicide used to carese these vibes
    he longed to die, impossible to right whats so wrong... that he can't go on with
    for once in his life he's gotta acknowledge it
    so listen to this and the promise he makes
    you can laugh and judge as the honest breaks him
    All I can say is try to stay patient
    Cuz in those years thats the way his life went...

      January 15, 2015 4:19 PM GMT