Makeup brushes

  • Ladies, a quick question since this thread is on makeup brushes. Has anyone tried the Luminess Air thingy that is constantly advertised on TV?  They give the impression it could make Frankenstein look good, not to mention us T-Girls. I would love to hear how it turned out.



      April 15, 2017 7:30 PM BST
  • I have a fairly alrge collection.

    About the only time I think I'd come across this issue is with eye shadow. Its probably the one brush type you should make sure you have about three of (2 for colours and one for blending).


    Not sure if I'd put my brushes in soapy water though. That is likely to dry your brushes out, I prefer to put mine in water with a little moisturiser in the water to keep the hairs soft.

      May 8, 2015 12:12 PM BST
  • Many thanks!
      February 2, 2015 11:59 AM GMT
  • Hi Olivia.

    It realy is best to use a different brush for each product and colour/color . Most brush sets contain enough for your needs and it is cheaper in the long term to pay a little more for the best. Cheap brushes are normally brittle hairs that break either in your make up or on your face.

    Always clean them at least once a week (3 days if you can) in warm soapy water . The brushes hold on to natural bacteria that is on the cleanest of skin but if not cleaned the natural bacteria turns into a nasty one. The last thing you want in make up or brushes is nasty things that cause spots or can infect the smallest break in your skin.


    Take care and good luck xxx

      February 2, 2015 9:09 AM GMT
  • So here's dopey question #1: after applying make up or if re-using a brush with a different color or product how do you handle makeup still on the brush?
      February 2, 2015 12:52 AM GMT