Housing In Melbourne.

  • So my Mum doesn't want me living with her while I'm transitioning as she's not taking the news that her son of 31 years is now going to become her daughter (something that she never suspected) all that well. As a result, I find myself in need of a new place to live. However, this will not be easy. I don't have a proper job, I don't have a lot of money and I have OCD. I'm terrified about going into a share house with people that I don't know, especially being trans. It wouldn't be so bad if I could find something with other trans people as at least we'd all be going through similar things. Because of the OCD, I'd prefer a pet free, child free, smoke free, reasonably clean place. Because I have quite a lot of stuff, I need a certain amount of room. I also need a certain level of security. All of these things shouldn't be too much of a problem...until I factor in that I can really only afford $100-$150 per week (and I could only afford the $150 if all bills were included in that price).

    I've been searching the internet in the hopes of finding another trans person that I can move in with, but I've not had much luck. I did have a bit of a chat with a girl from a suburb not far from where I currently live, she does have a room available but she is looking for someone who has a full time job and can afford $165 plus bills which is just out of my price range. My ideal location would be somewhere East/South East/Bayside area, but I'm open to pretty much anything at this point. 

    The reason for me posting this here is that I'm hoping that maybe there could be a way for people like me to find a place where we can live and be comfortable. Maybe if a group of us got together, we could afford to live somewhere really nice. Maybe someone already has a place with room for one more t-girl. Transitioning can be scary enough without the prospect of living somewhere that I would not be comfortable. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? 


    UPDATE: I'm still looking for a place. I've actually been talking to the girl that had the place that I couldn't afford and she has been very helpful with a lot of advice. I'm working on finding a job as well, preferably part time, that way I will have some money to spend on things like food and housing. I have also done some research into getting rental assistance and while I would be eligable, I'd rather find a job and not have to worry about our idiotic government finding a new way to screw me over.

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