Having a Moment

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    This month Vogue Magazine carries an article regarding the increased exposure (please, no sniggering) of Transexuality within the media. It goes as far as saying - and I paraphrase because my wife has dared to take her magazine with her, 'That Transexuals are Having a Moment'.


    Are we, what might it mean to us, what does it mean to you. Discuss.


    Rachel x

    a girl at heart and a proper person too
      April 8, 2015 10:38 PM BST
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    Well recently  2 things  caught my eye , Louis Theroux Documentary  Transgender kids in USA. Als there was a Daily Mail story concering the large amout of  young people in UK seeking GP and GIC  help and resources being overloaded now. I think there will be more attention  given over to Transgender Issues  in the coming months and in the media  particularly young  18 -30 age group...And yes the media  will tip their toes in ,what will they make of the Danish Girl etc.

    I particularly sense this in the UK.- Health issues are prominent and in these political times with many elections going on.

    Its a moment for sure. For myself I am apprehensive that some of the "old " ignorances and standpoints come up,one of which is the view that Transgender people should not be entitled to treatment as they are depriving others from health resources.

    in this way  more exposure , makes me feel more vulnerable personally[ I just want to quietly live my life.


      April 9, 2015 10:29 PM BST