If you are under 18...

At The Gender Society we do understand what it can be like as a young person, discovering for the first time that you feel as though you need to be a member of the opposite sex. We have all been there before so you are far from alone.

However, while we understand what it is you are going through, we also know our limitations. It's unfortunate but as our efforts are concentrated elsewhere, we are simply not able to offer the kind of guidance and counseling that you need.

Therefore, we have put together some links to organizations that should be able to help you more than we can...

In the US...

The Antijen Pages - General resources for TG youth

Trans Youth Family Allies - General resources for Parents, Educators & Medical Practitioners

lips http://www.transactiveonline.org - A very good resource for the parents, caregivers. families and allies of TG children

TransGenderCare - General information and medical and counseling resources

lips TheTrevorProject.org - Suicide prevention helpline for LGBT and questioning youth. Available 24/7

In the UK...

NHS Trans Guide NHS Transgender Health & Wellbeing - A fairly comprehensive but basic overview of what being transgender is all about

Tavistock Centre The Tavistock Centre - The only NHS gender identity centre for under 18s

NHS Mermaids - UK based transgender teen and family support