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  • 23 Feb 2010
    Skiing was terrific as usual, I really enjoy it even though I may not have as much grace and style as those who grew up with it. My daughter also did really well in her first ski school and came second in her slalom race held on the final day of her course. I'm so proud of her and she can't wait to go again. It's still a crazy week though, I got back from skiing on Sunday, only to fly to the UK for a meeting on Monday, then this weekend I am off hiking as well, no rest for the wicked!! Nikki
    2471 Posted by Nikki Hollm
  • 27 Mar 2010
    I finally managed to get myself back into swimming again after about two years. The reason? Well, mostly because the pool changed their opening times which meant I now have time to go for a swim after I have given guitar lessons, or been to the gym, which takes up five evenings a week between them. It did feel nice to be able to stretch out in the pool though, and of course the jacuzzi afterwards is always a good place to finish for the evening. Wonderful!Nikki
    2455 Posted by Nikki Hollm
  • 10 Apr 2010
    About time too! Laser affects people differently, it hurts me, unlike electrolysis, which I find relaxing. Now though, I have reached the point where the laser can hardly be felt anymore, with the exception of my upper lip which still needs a good bit of treatment. There isn't so much there anymore but for girls like us, it is the most stubborn area to treat. Nearly there though, and hopefully will be totally hair free by the end of the year. At least what little there is now is easily hidden.I resist thinking about how much I have spent on these treatments, but it's an awful lot. However, without it, I could never have set foot outside, let alone be the girl I am today so that makes it worth every penny. Nikki
    2333 Posted by Nikki Hollm
  • 03 Dec 2009
    It's one thing to have Jo in the UK (I miss her when she's away), but another to have to cope with the children while suffering from a two day migraine......not the best scenario I could have imagined I have to say. Just when you need a little TLC.............I heard from a friend of mine who is recovering well after her surgery, she's well enough for a visit now so I will be popping in to say 'hi' and to wish her and her partner a very merry Christmas as it's unlikely I will get to see them again beforehand, knowing how busy the run up to Christmas can get, and especially with family coming over. On the other hand, instant baby sitters! So maybe I will get there again after all. Nikki
    2304 Posted by Nikki Hollm
Society Girl's Personal Blogs 2,260 views Dec 01, 2009
Long week

My other half is in the UK this week so it's going to be a long slow week for me. I really miss her in the evenings, I don't like rattling around the house on my own, it's much nicer to share the evening with someone special. *sigh*

At least I will be busy both at work and at home so that keeps my mind off of things and will hopefully make the time pass a little quicker.