Here we go again

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    Some changes going on............

    For the moment I am going to have to put HRT on hold.  The reason for this is insurance.  I just found out my benefits as a now full-time employee and need to find out if I can keep my current doctors or find a new one.

    The Dirty Bird is no more.  The car hasn't moved in two months.  I had to have a car, and a coworker set me up with a friend who is a car dealer.  Although I do not need the financial commitment, I went ahead and got a new car.  Tomorrow they are sending a tow truck to take away the Dirty Bird.  It just wasn't worth putting any more money into it.

    The big thing is that at work we have to all re-apply and re-interview for our jobs.  Two weeks ago they made us sit through this 3-day nonsensical meeting in order to improve guest services.  Now what do they do?  They want to reorganize, and now demoralize, the very people who deal with the public on a daily basis.  Carlita told me not to worry.  However, this is not fun to go through.  They may in fact be downsizing.

    The thing is soon I will have to come out fully to everyone once I start HRT.  My coworker Sarah, who knows about me, is going to help me do it.

    Otherwise, I am hanging in there and ready to keep going forward.