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  • Major announcement soon!

    Within the next few days I will be making (hopefully) a major announcement.  I wish it concerned transitioning or Josie, but it will be about something else, and this means career-wise!
  • Still here!

    I know I don't blog as much as I used to.  It's hard to do that working two full time gigs.Dad is doing fine.  Thanks for your well wishes.Josie is doing fine.  Thanks for your well wishes.More later!I hope you're doing fine.  Thank yourself for well wishes.
  • Deep depression

    I'll blog more later.  Josie was here this week and we had a fantastic time.  I was finally able to take her to some Chicago places that we never had time for in the past.  She got to hear my special labor law presentation, something I know every girl dreams about!More later.
  • Backi for now!

    I hardly blog anymore!  I don't have the time!Karen Brad is writing enough about her trip here.  Because of her trip I am doing some serious thinking about maybe going back to the boats this summer (if I can!).  It was great being able to talk about Chicago history and architecture like that.Josie w...
  • A very quick update!

    I still don't have my internet access at home sorted out yet!  Anyhow, here are some quickies (so to speak):I am pretty much fully out at work.  In academia I am almost there.  I am waiting on some word concerning a possible full-time teaching job, so until that happens, and I might need to get a ne...
  • Another quick update

    I finally made it out to Denver last weekend to visit Josie.  We hadn't seen each other in months.  Once again, it was a wonderful weekend.  We did our Thanksgiving celebration on Friday.  I made Cornish hens with a sausage and fruit dressing.  We spent some time on her college campus, sipped a marg...
  • Putting it all together

    Here's some brief updates -Been in my new place for a month.  It's been working out fine, even though I have to get used to having a roommate again.  It's nice to be able to park right in front of where I live rather than blocks away.I go to Detroit next week to chair a panel at THE premier labor hi...
  • Hi

    Lots going on....New place.Got a grant to attend a conference next month.Josie is doing great.No internet at home yet.Back later!
  • Quick update

    I am still without a computer at home.  Had a minor heartbreak when it came to an academic job.  BUT - my book is now out!!!!!!! Josie is fine.  I hope to see her soon.Yes, I hurt my hamstrings playing quidditch.  Some people never learn.Mere
  • Coming out, Josie, and more

    As I posted in the Forums last week, I told my Senior Coordinator - essentially my boss - that I am TS.  He was so cool and supportive about it.  I am getting so close to being fully out.Today is Josie's birthday.  While finances kept us apart, I am happy she got out for a while.  She went downtown ...