Really coming out

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    This week I will be calling my "new" doctor to schedule an appointment.  I really miss my other doctor.  She was not only a great doctor but also a very attractive black woman.  I wish I could look like her!

    I came out to another co-worker last night.  I was going to tell her last week when we were working the Zephyr alone.  She was totally cool about it, not to mention VERY supportive.  I always liked this girl because she is a free thinker, very much in her own little universe.  Josie met her when she first visted the museum.

    Speaking of the museum, they are treating me with kid's gloves these days.  I think they're afraid I am going to leave.  The VP herself wrote a glowing e-mail about me to my supervisor.  The VP got a chance to watch me in action and she thought I was the best.  My supervisors are also doing what they can to make sure I am assigned to certain daily activities they know I like, such as Pocket Science and the Petroleum Planet exhibit.  I especially love Pocket Science as I get to wander around the museum all day and play little science games with the kids.  The parents like it when I engage the kids in activities while they are buying tickets.  That's because these kids have a load of energy, and because I get their attention, the parents can then take care of business.

    So, step by step.