Another quick update

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    I finally made it out to Denver last weekend to visit Josie.  We hadn't seen each other in months.  Once again, it was a wonderful weekend.  We did our Thanksgiving celebration on Friday.  I made Cornish hens with a sausage and fruit dressing.  We spent some time on her college campus, sipped a margarita at a corner cafe, I went to work with her on Sunday, and we....uh, never mind......!

    I have been coming out more and more to people at work.  I am on the verge of standing up at the morning meeting and making it official to everyone.  Rumors have been going on about me anyhow.

    I might possibly be looking into sharing an apartment with a coworker.  She knows about me and is cool with it.  As she said "You can do your thing and I can do mine."  Naturally, it would be platonic, and Josie gave her blessing.  We shall see.