A plea, then a funny story (maybe)

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    Girls, we have some sisters here who really need our love and support. Clair, Lucy, Karen, and so many others (including me) have more crap on our plates than is necessary. While the differences in the problems are many, let's do all we can to let them know we care and we're right beside them all the way. Read their blogs, forum posts, etc., and show our support. Girls, I love you so much, so please count on me. I'm there for you, as you have been for me.

    Finances have reached a crucial point. But relief may be on the way. I've had so many problems sleeping. But it there might be a solution in less than 48 hours.

    Okay, Meredith the Psycho Ninja strikes again. We finally got a decent trash disposal put in our sink. Our handyman had one and did it for next to nothing, which really doesn't help him because he isn't much better off.  I usually forget it's there, but when I remember I always manage to....well....you're really not supposed to put bread or anything with yeast down there.  I did. When it later clogged, I put down Draino to unclog the drain. That pretty much turned it all into cement which caused it to back up. Marty came by to see what was wrong with the pipes and showed me.  Ooops. But now I know how to fix it. I'm still hearing about it!

    Of course, it wasn't quite as interesting as last week. Lights in the downstairs hallway blew out. I replaced them but nothing turned on. I was convinced it was a short in the system until it finally sunk into my addled brain that I was flicking the wrong switch.