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    Day to day discussion of  life in the dual world.
    Quote of the day: Overheard on one of the "judge" shows on trash tv. One room mate tells another that she has multiple personalities. The woman replies to the other room mate (a TG girl)-
    that's funny because "you are a man".
    What was she implying? That Barton aka Brook were two different people? lol 

    Girls need beer too!

    I have observed this on several occasions...but never as clear cut as tonight.
    On several occasions (when I have been out with GG's) they have been real aggressive at the bar ordering more drinks.
    Tonight I understood why, as the female bartender waited on EVERY guy at the bar before turning her attention to me.
    Lesson learned!

     I learned tonight how to post directly to the blog from my cell phone. "Ain't technology grand?"
    Womanless Beauty Pageants...Look out "Miss America?"
    This contestant in "Kilgore, Texas" recently proved that Texas can provide a few real pretty guys!
    Actually these events have been going on for awhile and are now starting to draw attention on the internet.
    If you go to the "Femulate" site listed here, the best of the best guys are featured.
    As we all know, a look such as this one just doesn't happen by accident.
    It is always fun to speculate how much "practice" some of the contestants put into the pageant!

    Older (2007) pageant winner. Only info I have is "her" name is Jacquelin.