My first blog

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    Hello, I'm Kris and this will be my first blog post. I just joined this site recently and I've been really hesitent to joining the community because I come from a religious family... I'm currently trying to figure out if I am transgender, transsexual, or if I'm just going through gender identity... I shouldn't say just because even if it is that I absolutely can't stand it! Every time I'm called a she/her, pretty/beautiful I get upset... I hate that feeling because I know it's supposed to be a compliment, but I take it as an insult. I've been fighting this since I was a kid, but it didn't become that apparent until 8th grade. Anyway, I'd love to make friends on here and (off topic a bit) if anyone here has a wattpad account, let me know.I love to write and I one day hope my stories can be animated.