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    It's been awhile since I've last visited this site. How's everyone doing? I finally got the balls to get my hair cut lol. This was a big deal for me because I come from a religious family and my father is always looking at girls with short hair saying remarks like "Dyke on a bike" and "Carpet Muncher" so I thought if I got my hair cut he'd get mad and say that to me. I was worried over nothing though because my family actually likes my hair. My dad did seem shocked, but didn't turn out too bad. It feels so much better having hair like this and I feel one step closer to being myself.

  • Kris McKinley My hair was always curly which sorta troubled me, but honestly I wish I thought of donating it. >.< If I grow it back out and cut again I'll definitely donate next time. Long hair looks nice, but I was never good at caring for it and...  more
  • Kris McKinley I liked both your comments because I still agree with both lol. I mean, I'm just happy that I feel more confident/masculine now honestly. I've never had much confidence in myself to begin with so every little bit helps.
  • Donna V You are right Hair is a big deal for most Transpeople. I love my hair long and it naturally curls and is fine Auburn,but as a M2F, me growing my hair long was in the past seen as a Target .[Interesting that Native American culture does not appear to have...  more
  • Kris McKinley Ah, naturally curly hair too eh? Lol, I wish I could appreciate my curly hair as everyone's always saying I'm lucky to have it, but meh. It's just not for me lol. I'm going to have to post a pic on here soon, but I'm not one to take pictures.. Still,...  more