Offensive character??

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    I wanted to make this a poll, but the question was too long lol. Basically, I am going to be writing a book in the future about an experience I had with an old friend of mine. It will be an LGBT book and I'm a little concerned that one of the villains might be a bit too offensive.. The villain is a transsexual FtM who was brought up by a christian family. He ended up feeling so repressed and angry at God for making him the "wrong gender" and ends up selling his soul to the devil to become the "correct gender". The message is only supposed to be that it can be really difficult dealing with religion while being trans, but I fear people will think I'm saying trans people are evil. (Which of course I'm not since I am one). Should I just make a good trans character too? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

  • michelle/mitchell self the thing about writing stories you got to have a protagonist and antagonist. yes a pro tag can have some bad qualities , or an antag can have some good qualities. what you got to do first it have make a character break down.For each ,main character...  more
  • Kris McKinley I agree, this is just one of the main antagonists in the story. I only wanted to bring this one up in particular because I was afraid he/she was too offensive. The 2 protagonists are my best friend and I. Or well, characters based on us, that is lol.
  • Kris McKinley One thing I do need to work on as a writer I've been told is viewpoint though. Switching between different viewpoints can be challenging for me.
  • Kris McKinley Oh yeah, he's definitely an antagonist lol. I didn't realize that I wasn't clear on that so my bad. xD I definitely don't think anyone will or should feel too bad for this character because of how he acts. I mean, maybe it's a little understandable to...  more