Me vs. Gender Stereotypes

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    Just feeling the need to rant after realizing it's already August. (Time flies after high school). I told myself this would be the Summer I learn or at least start to learn to drive. Yes, I'm 25 and still have this horrible fear of driving. I am a nervous/paranoid person and for those who don't know, I have Asperger's Syndrome. The reason for the title of this blog is because I'm not driving, I constantly battle this gender male stereotype in my head... Telling me things like "What kind of man doesn't drive a car?" "Men love cars so you have to drive!" "Men drive better than women so if you drive badly, YOU are a woman." I absolutely despise this voice in my head and I've brought it up a coulple times how I've been brought up and had to battle sexist beliefs. I'm so nervous to actually get behind the wheel... I keep telling myself (despite that stupid voice) that just because I'm not a driver (yet) doesn't make me less of a man. Still, I hate having this phobia and really hope to overcome it this month.

    PS: I know men don't drive better than women, but it's something my father ALWAYS said to me growing up and now it's just something that automatically pops up in my head when I try to drive. It really sucks. 

  • Cristine Jennifer Shye. BL Kris I find you rant's quite entertaining whilst being logical, sending you a funny picture.
  • Kris McKinley Christine- I'm glad to hear you are entertained by them lol. Also nice to hear that my rants are logical so thanks. =) I still don't have a full membership (unfortunately) so it's not letting me see that pic you sent. I can kind of tell what the pic is,...  more
  • Sally Scott So why do Auto Insurers offer reduced premiums for women drivers?
  • Kris McKinley I wouldn't know anything about Auto Insurers, but yes, that would probably be a good point to bring up to my dad. (If indeed he was serious about what he says).