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  • 28 Feb 2008
    I'm all settled into my walk-in closet where I am staying. So now every day when I wake up I come out of the closet. It is rather funny. It's a large closet and I have nothing to complain about. My hair is super long but my brother and some friends say I should still wear a wig. I like my natural hair. My computer isn't set up yet so I use my roomates, she doesn't mind. Just felt I should check in since I've been gone so long.P.
    1560 Posted by Prissy Moore
  • 14 Aug 2008
    It's my birthday today. Only 2.5 years into my 5 year plan and still don't have much of a savings. Just got my medical re-cert so I am hoping a better job will surface soon. How's life? Still miss my girl..haven't seen her since August 23 of last year. Don't cry anymore. I have a crush on a woman I work with but she recently broke up with her girlfriend and they still get together every so often. There are so many people living in my house, sometimes it is hard to get a good nights sleep. After working 7 dats a week for a month of so I start talking to myself and it gets a little scary for me because I start to forget who I am. 10 days ago I was up at 5 in the morning playing with my roomates gun and couldn't make it work. I'm too scared to do myself in anyway, but the thought scared me darn it. Things have improved since then and my hormones are helping. For my birthday I bought the first season of the"L WORD". This is my life. My hair is getting really pretty and that keeps me happy also.P.
    1537 Posted by Prissy Moore
  • 18 Jul 2008
    I'm still around girls. Just working on getting a better job. I have made manager where I am currently working.
    1475 Posted by Prissy Moore
  • 21 Jan 2007
    Trying to get my pictures to trabsfer over to here has been frustrating. I'll try  again later after dinner.P.
    1421 Posted by Prissy Moore
Society Girl's Personal Blogs 1,572 views Oct 15, 2008

What a wonderful day! Recieved my blood tests back today and everything was good! They even said I had the lowest cholesterol levels of anyone in the clinic....small clinic syndrome ? My phychologist also recommended me for HRT. So now I am on the up and up so I don't hurt myself. I am so happy with the results. :) Life may be returning to normal. P.