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  • Mones

    What a wonderful day! Recieved my blood tests back today and everything was good! They even said I had the lowest cholesterol levels of anyone in the clinic....small clinic syndrome ? My phychologist also recommended me for HRT. So now I am on the up and up so I don't hurt myself. I am so happy with...
  • It's my birthday today. Only 2.5 years into my 5 year plan and still don't have much of a savings. Just got my medical re-cert so I am hoping a better job will surface soon. How's life? Still miss my girl..haven't seen her since August 23 of last year. Don't cry anymore. I have a crush on a woman I ...
  • Surviving

    I'm still around girls. Just working on getting a better job. I have made manager where I am currently working.

    I'm all settled into my walk-in closet where I am staying. So now every day when I wake up I come out of the closet. It is rather funny. It's a large closet and I have nothing to complain about. My hair is super long but my brother and some friends say I should still wear a wig. I like my natural ha...
  • Pictures

    Trying to get my pictures to trabsfer over to here has been frustrating. I'll try  again later after dinner.P.