Entertainers Split Vegetable Soup

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    May 9, 2015 2:03 PM BST

    If you like to entertain you can't go past this neat and very easy party trick that is gauranteed to impress your guests.


    You can do this with any 2 soups that come out at approximately the same consistency but for this example I will use my own "Creamed Vegetable Soup". And if you're worried about the cream yu can substitute one large white potato.



    2 Litres Vegetable Stock (Beef, Chicken are also okay)

    1 Onion chopped

    1 1/2 Large Broccoli chopped

    1 Head Cauliflower chopped

    500 ml Thickening cream

    Salt and Pepper to taste


    Note : Keep your broccoli and cauliflower seperate as we are actually making 2 soups



    1. Finely chop your onion and cook lightly with half in 2 seperate large saucepans.

    2. Place chopped cauliflower in one saucepan and chopped broccoli in the other. Add 1 Litre of stock to each saucepan and salt and pepper to desired taste.

    3. Bring saucepans to a boil and cover with a lid

    4. Boil for 15-20 minutes or until vegetables fall off a knife after skewering them stirring well every 5 minuts or so

    5. Let them cool for half an hour then blend each soup seperately and replace into seperate saucepans.

    6. Add cream to desired taste and thickness under low heat stirring well.


    Serving it [The snaeky bit]

    Place ach soup seperately in a spouted container that is easy to pour )I have a microwave safe Jug that works very well).

    Pour each soup simultaneously from opposite sides of the bowl trying to keep the rate the same. Soups should meet in the middle and remain seperate so in this case you'd have one half white, the other half green. People can also mix these two up if they like. Garnish with parsley or you can even make a semi Ying Yang design bynudging the two soups with a soup spoon to create a twist in the centre.