Spiced pumpkin,tomatoe and chick pea stew,phew

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    September 30, 2015 2:01 PM BST

    My Partner left the Sunday Telegraph paper open on the table this morning, page open Article about Sally Clarke Restauranteur Chef, known for her staunch seasonal cooking. I like the Article as I do a lot of gardening , and Seasonal Cooking follows naturally on, and cheap.  

    recipe for Spiced Pumpkin,tomatoe and Chick Pea stew. see link


    I am going to try this today as I have all the ingredients from the garden, and its a good way to use up Fennel and Tomatoes before they go over.[Though I have to buy Cardamon seeds].Mainly though it seems to be good to make use of the 9  Pumpkins harvested so far. Looks to be a good Autumnal Evening Meal in response to the change to cooler evenings.

    I may post a Pic