Easy, Quick. Fantastic

  • November 19, 2016 5:39 PM GMT

    Breakfast, Lunch or starters.   A Jamie Oliver special.


    Very lightly smear some olive oil to the inside on some none PVC cooking film in a cup. leaving enough to tie off, overhanging the sides of the cup..

    One per person.

    Crack an egg into the cup, add whatever you fancy, I did mine with some finely chopped left over celery, spring onion tops, Asparagus, a tiny amount of chopped chilles.,  could add a sprinkle of cayennen pepper, whatever.


    grab the overhang of the plastic wrap squeeze gently forming a ball in the bag, tie off and poach/boil in a pan  for 5 minutes, until egg is soft in the middle.   Toast with cream cheese spread over it, gently cut open the bag where you tied it off and serve on the cheese covered toast. with watercress and smoked salmon.

    A whole new idea for poached eggs.

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