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    • July 18, 2018 9:52 PM BST
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      You Can Pass

      If you've taken the time to tuck,shave all over,use makeup and if you have a good female hairstyle or wig and clothes with prosthetics,plus other touches like pierced ears,and there are tutorials on female gait,speech and gestures,you might find that people aren't that inquisitive or curious. If you're duded up as a woman they'll assume you are! There might be 1 or 2 people who read you,but those people usually have enough sense not to say anything because it could cause a big fracas and nobody wants that. Maybe this sounds strange but guys in drag or shall we say "TVs" may possibly be the next coming big thing. Entertaining at Suburban Parties and special ocaisions!

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      Maybe I sound a little bit cynical,but depending on the area you live in and other variables,if you've done everything right with your makeup,tucking,clothes,hairstyle,etc. and if you are skillful at feminine walking,speech,hand gestures you might find that if you've outfitted yourself as a woman,most people will assume you are one. But getting back to sounding sort of pessimistic,I don't mean to put people down but by and large they aren't that perceptive or inquisitive,if you take care to get it all right they will assume you're a woman. Sometimes there might be one or two people who can tell,but they are usually reasonable enough to not want to get themselves in a big fracas so they will say nothing.

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