Flight Attendant

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  • I know I have had many scams and thoughts and plans of what I might do with myself and my life. I dont mind changing my mind and going in a totally new way at the drop of a hat. The goal however never really changes its just how I go about getting that goal that does. I want to travel and I want to own my own bar.

    So my new plan on getting this done is becoming a flight attendant. I have a massive desire to travel and I want to see 30 countries before I reach 30 years old. The thing holding me back right now is the fact that to get my surgery done I took out a loan to pay for it. So I am stuck at home trying to work out some way of paying the loan off.

    It was actually my Mum who really put the thought in my head. I never thought I could be a flight attendant as I thought they are all so much smaller and prettier than me. Though when I was traveling back from Bangkok with my Mum, she pointed out lots and lots of flight attendants that were both bigger than me and less attractive than me!! This lifted my spirits huge. I think its one of the coolest jobs on earth.

    I have started looking into it to see what they look for when hiring staff for the job. I meet all their standards and then some. The only thing I dont have that they require is a current first aid certificate and I'm getting that on Monday. They want hospitality professionals with good customer service skills. Thats what I do best. They want people who are good in an emergency situation, welll I was in the army and have had years of experience dealing with things just like that. They want people who can travel and are willing to relocate if its needed........ I'd practiacally beg them to move me anyway and they need people who are able to be away from home for long periods......... well I did back pack Europe for 9 months!!!

    The way I see it I have a pretty good chance. They also find it a benifit if you can speak another langauge. I did german at school and although the germans laugh at the way I speak german, I do understand what they are saying.

    So wish me luck and I will let you know how it all goes. It will be awhile yet before I put in my application for the job. I need to get my sex change form in [hopefully two weeks....its the money holding me back there] and then when I get my new passport [I have a temporary one with an "f" on it, but I need a proper passport, I get that one done for free, but I want to go to a pro photograher for the passport photo. I will be looking at that one pic for years, I dont want to cringe everytime I see it! Yes I know I'm vain!!!!]

    So be a little patient with the news.
    To love what one has is to be resigned to never get what one wants. Natalie Clifford Barney.
      February 10, 2006 1:58 AM GMT