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Nicole Kidman.........

  • Nicole Kidman is set to play the part of TS in a forthcoming film..........based on the book 'The Danish Girl' by David Ebershoff. This is the story of probably the first modern TS, the danish landscape artist Einar Wegener who took the name Lili Elbe.

    Einar's wife,Greta, was also a painter and persuaded him to sit for her-dressed as a woman. This obviously awoke the woman in him and the resulting transition ended tragically in 1933 in a hospital in Dresden. Exactly what operations were carried out is not exactly clear but ,bearing in mind that immuno-suppressants and HRT were not available in the 1930's,they seem to have involved some fairly hefty transplantations-womb,ovaries etc.

    For the TW bookworms:' The Danish Girl', David Ebershoff,Viking,New York 2000. ISBN 3-442-45270-8


    Lynn H.
    "It ain't what you do,it's the way that you do it............and that's what gets results!"
      December 5, 2008 7:05 PM GMT