TV's in public

  • February 11, 2010 12:42 PM GMT
    A series of events this past week really made me understand there are growing numbers of tv's/ cd's who will dare to show themselves in public. At the grocery store, a man (it was obviously a male) checked his/her groceries out in front of me. He wore a nice casual female outfit...sequined jeans, lacy top & jacket, shoes with short stacked heels & , because of the rainy weather, a sweet little hat. He wore little makeup but had his nails nicely done. A nice shoulder bag completed his attire. The clerk addressed him as "Ma'am". I admired his composure and felt going out in public was something he had done many times over. After checking out, the clerk & others around all looked at each other & smiled knowingly.

    The next event was in the parking lot of a large mall. Walking to the entrance, I saw an attractive 40's something woman leaving. Getting closer, I realized it was another tv dressed in nice slacks, low heels, tight lacy blouse & a rather large bosom with a lot of jiggle. Her makeup was well done, but there is no doubt it was a tv. I was with someone & couldn't do anything but smile & nod my head as we passed.

    Finally, within the mall, I encountered an attractive young mother, perhaps 30, with her son who appeared to be about 7-8 years old. The son carried a small ladies purse across his shoulder. His mother had a her own shoulder bag, so it was definitely HIS. I smiled at her & wished there was a way to talk with her. It just seems more & more tv's are stepping up & actively pursuing their dreams and desires. I can only presume the young boy is a budding tv with an understanding & loving mother.
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    February 11, 2010 4:18 PM GMT
    Sounds like a "positive" community you live in.
    Lucky you.
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    February 11, 2010 5:11 PM GMT
    Wasn't there just a forum thread on getting over your fears? It really isn't surprising that you saw some "gals" out and about. Obviously they have overcome their fears. This leads me to ask "What did you think would happen to these "gals" in public? Were you expecting a mob to be chasing after them or yelling stereotypical slurs at them? That is the fear we talk about overcoming. The fear is real inside us but not always the truth on how people will react in our presence. Sure there are plenty of scary news stories, but if you take the proper precautions as you would going out even in guy mode, then the likelihood of something bad happening is minimal.
    Best wishes,
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    February 11, 2010 5:33 PM GMT
    Hiya Jennifer,

    I think your experiences in seeing TG people openly out and about is really positive and I'm really pleased this is happening for you.

    There is one thing that sticks out as a point of interest. Please brace yourself because I don’t want you to feel I am attacking you personally and I don’t want you to feel embarrassed either, it is just something I feel needs to be discussed which may also give others a better understanding. The point of interest for me is...

    You see the TG person nicely dressed in the supermarket and the clerk says to the individual "Ma'am". This person has probably crawled every inch tooth and nail to receive a female identity and to be accepted into their community as such, and then you go and refer to them as male, and you even go as far as to say " (it was obviously a male) ". Of course, they may be be happy with a male identity and as a crossdresser but this is an assumption I wouldnt automatically jump to. I think it was a good thing you didn’t get the opportunity to speak to them.

    And now I'm the most horriblest person on the planet, I just couldn’t let this pass, sorry.
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    February 11, 2010 4:56 PM GMT
    Hi Jennifer Michelle,

    I wouldn't be too sure the little boy with his purse will grow up to be TG. When I was a kid I was punished for doing and wearing girlie things. My brother, five years younger, had no such restrictions. He was allowed to be girlie and he had toys like a vacuum cleaner (I got sports equipment.)
    My brother grew up to be gay and, as far as I know, never was TG. I, on the other hand have been wearing dresses and skirts for more than fifty years now...