Passing with confidence!

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    July 20, 2010 4:48 PM BST
    GS members who know me know that I am a non-TS CD, so my story here is meant as an encouragement for those of us who want to pass successfully, but for one reason or another do not get involved with surgery, hormones, or any other permanent physical changes:
    Over the last number of years, I have built my confidence in passing, by entering chat rooms on line, and making friends as a woman. The challenge is that I only do it when en femme, to actually become my female self whenever I am a woman on line. I use a cam whenever possible, and have eventually found that only minimal makeup is required to pass that way: it is all in presentation. I am always cheerful and confident in myself, and it has been quite a few years since the last time someone questioned my gender from looking at me. (As a male I am a 60-year-old geezer, so that's quite an accomplishment!).
    I advise using the webcam and the internet as a way of building confidence in oneself. [Other than protecting my personal information and showing myself as a woman, I don't try to mislead anyone as to my purposes on line - only to chat and make friends!] I have learned poise, natural feminine mannerisms, and what kind of clothing and jewelry, and hairstyle look best on me. I make lots of casual friends, ignore even more sex maniacs, and occasionally make a strong, warm friendship that lasts for years.
    My self-confidence as Karin has boomed, and I can go out fairly often now, even in broad daylight, without being noticed as anything other than a woman. Up to now, my greatest accomplishments have been going to dance classes and going to church services, and being accepted.
    This last weekend, though, I passed the ULTIMATE test, and now I know it is all in action and confidence that one passes. I went on a date!
    One of my male friends on line had a day off scheduled at the same time I was available, and wanted to take me to a movie. I had seen him in person 3 or 4 times before, just at his work, so he knew what I looked like a little better than what shows on the webcam. Anyway, we wound up going to a museum for an hour! Walking around, holding hands, discussing the exhibits, making light conversation, occasionally exchanging a friendly hug or kiss... Then I got treated to a movie: it took me back to my teenage years: sitting in the back row, holding hands the entire time... ...he bought me a soda, but every time I asked for it for a sip, he gave me a little kiss, as well. The date ended with him saying he had a great time, and hoping for another in the future. A repeat probably won't happen, but my thrill at finally having the ultimate experience of a gg - a real DATE!!! - will go down as a peak of my feminine life!
    Girls, don't despair! If even a homely nag like me can get a date with a nice guy my age, you can too! It takes the confidence and detail that can only be built up with practice, though. Should anyone want to find out from me some of my techniques of feminine appearance, I would be happy to share with anyone.

    A happy experience I just had to share!

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    July 20, 2010 9:19 PM BST
    Karin...that's pretty cool hun! Good for you! (smile)
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    July 20, 2010 10:01 PM BST
    That is really great Karin. I don't think it has anything to do with your appearance, although you do look very nice, but I think it has far more to do with you being you and the nice person you are. You have always come across as a helpful, pleasant gal wanting to help anyone simply for the asking. People just want to be with you and that says a great deal about the person you are.
    Hugs and always best wishes,
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    July 21, 2010 10:12 PM BST
    Hi Karin,

    Congratulations on what pretty much amounts to getting your black belt in the 'passing' arena!

    It sounds as if you had a wonderful time, and I'm sure your escort did too. Notwithstanding your current doubts, I hope that it's an experience you'll repeat frequently, and happily, in times ro come.