Can pantyhose save shaving?

  • January 16, 2004 10:13 AM GMT
    I've just found a great range of opaque hosiery that is perfect for covering leg hairs. Levante do soft opaque tights and stockings in 50 denier with a matt appearance. There is a range of colours but the 'naturel' is such a good skin match and virtually covers my dark hairs completely. I can just about get away with wearing only one pair plus my normal hosiery on top.

    You can find the range at along with many others
  • January 26, 2005 7:33 PM GMT
    From the first day I slid on a pair of pantyhose I was in love, the day I finally shaved my legs before putting on pantyhose I was in pure ecstasy, and I knew from that day forward I could never wear a pair of pantyhose if my legs were not smooth. This holds true to date I refuse to wear pantyhose if my legs are hairy. I spoke to my gf and told her that I needed to have smooth legs for that fact alone because I couldn't stand wearing pantyhose with hairy legs. Try to speak to your wife and express your feelings about this, if you really do want to shave your legs. Warning in advance for curiousity sake don't do it because once you do there is no going back.

  • July 3, 2003 10:56 AM BST
    Hi Shirley,

    I hope this subject matter does not offend you but remember you are dealing with men who want to be women here.

    I am married to a loving wife and have two children. I am also a tranny and need to dress up occasionally, in private and sometimes out at a tranny nitespot.

    Obviously I am unable to shave my legs. I suppose I could wear opaque pantyhose but I would prefer something lighter and more feminnine.

    What I want to know is this. If I were first to put on opaque flesh colored pantyhose to hide my hairy legs, could I then wear say, nearly black 15 denier hose over it? Would it look natural or would I stand out a mile?

  • July 3, 2003 12:13 PM BST
    Hello Gloria,

    Of course your subject matter does not offend and that's what I am hear for to answer your hosiery questions. As we already have a large number of male customers who enjoy wearing hosiery I have answered numerous queries such as yours.

    As you suggest wearing opaque tights under sheer tights should hide the hair on your legs.

    What I can recommend is first putting moisturising cream on your legs to soften the hair, then wearing 30 to 40 denier nude opaques. These will be cooler than the thicker 60 or 70 denier equivalent and are a lot easier to get hold of. I can recommend Charnos 30 denier semi-opaque in champagne which are available up to extra large so should be quite comfortable. Then if you choose a slightly glossy 10 denier sheer tight rather then matt to go over the top this should hide the opaque underneath, my favourites are Charnos Sheer Lustre tights! I hope this is helpful....

  • July 20, 2003 5:17 AM BST
    dear shirley since i starte shaving my legs i find that my stockings stay up better and my legs look great.since my wife knows about me i since have told her that shaving is the best thing i ever did for my me the best thing is putting on my stockings as soon as i have finished shaving ,but first i always put on moistureizer cream on my legs .and my stockingsjust glide up my legs love phylis anne
  • July 28, 2003 10:48 PM BST
    dear shayla thats the same feeling i got the first time i shaved my legs,now every time i finish shaving i put on my skin moisturizer and then i slide my panty hose up my legs ,wow what a i hear that there is a new spray on the market that after you spray your legs you just rub off the hair.we will see how good this .btw i wear leggs panty hose and i think that they are the best love phylis anne
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    July 29, 2003 11:57 PM BST
    You are indeed a lucky one! My ex-wife said that she was supportive of my crossdressing, until I started shaving my legs (and chest) regularly! There was just no going back once I started, the genie was out of the bottle!

    But back to the subject at hand. Gloria's query regarding opaque hose to avoid shaving. That is one possibility, but for summertime, it's not very practical.

    My suggestion, though costly, would be to have the hair on your legs eliminated altogether. If I could afford it, that would be my choice After all, there are a few lucky guys on this planet with naturally bare legs. Gloria could then simply claim (when in drab) that "he" is one of those poor "unfortunate" guys that God chose not to have hairy legs. Personally, I would not think less of a guy that had naturally bare legs, actually, I would likely be envious!

    Personally, I routinely shave my legs. When asked about it, (which is very rare) I simply reply that "I am involved with a girl that finds body hair distasteful." Which is the absolute truth. I am quite often totally involved in being Knikol. And as Knikol, I find body hair distasteful, as it totally ruins the look I am trying to achieve.

    Best of luck, and
    Enjoy this wonderful life that we share.
  • September 8, 2003 2:43 PM BST
    In answer to your query about wearing two pairs of hosiery to cover your leg hairs I can say from experience that 3 pairs are even better. I wear a natural pair of support tights as a base layer followed by either a second pair or a lighter shear pair the same colour. This on its own covers my dark hair very effectively, except very, very close up. I then wear whatever stockings I want over this base. I will say that this can be rather warm but for a short time, say in a tranny club, it is worth it.
    Hope this helps,
    love and hugs
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    July 20, 2003 11:05 PM BST
    I have to agree - if your wife knows then there is nothing better than smooth legs - waxing for preference but shaving is cheaper and also is not quite as painful