Synopsis of the Etiology of Gender

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    April 12, 2015 3:44 PM BST

    Amanda, some post mortem examinations of transexual brains has  indicated transexual  male to female brains show a physical make up indicative to natal female brains and the opposite for female to mail brains, its an established fact that natal male and female brains are significantly different in control area make up regardless of overall brain size.   So far the availability of transexual brains for disection or the need for post mortem examnation  is few and far between, BUT with the advancement in CAT scans and MRI scans, its becoming more of an established fact.   I took part in some research at Addendbrooks gene clinic where I was originally diagnosed with a form of AIS, my scans were inconclusive, as was explained neither predominate male or female, yet it was confirmed on a previous occasion testing for Reifensteins syndrome, I did have the abnormal gene which leads to androgen insensativity syndrome, not to be confused with conditions such as XXY Klienfelters syndrome.


    But what to do with people once diagnosed, even with clinical abnormalities, they will still need the Amanda's to help them come to terms with it and sort their life and asperations out.

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    April 13, 2015 10:21 AM BST

    Kind words, Crissy!

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    May 18, 2015 3:12 PM BST

    What does the future hold for genetics regarding inherited trans conditions?  perhaps not today, tomorow, next year, but some time in the future where inherited conditions are proven as in Reifensteins Syndrome, Klienfelters Syndome etc.


    There is now Karyo mapping, a technique for determining whether an embryo has inherited a genetic defect by analysing DNA taken from it and its close relatives, developed in the UK, so far there are 200 different tests available for a variety of inherited disorders.   the embryo is then removed its DNA genetically altered and the embryo replaced back in the wombe.  The first baby to undergo this treatment, was born last December, healthy after being treated for Charcot-Marie disease.



    Approximately 300,000 SNPs provide genome wide coverage, meaning that any single gene disorder can be screened for.*

    Once the disease loci for the specific genetic disorder have been established, it can be determined whether the section of the DNAfrom the parent that carries the mutation for the genetic disorder matches the section of DNA in the embryo—if it does then it is inferred that the     embryo also carries the mutation and is likely to be affected or a carrier of the mutation. This is done through comparing the DNA fingerprint with a relative of known disease status termed as a reference. If the section of DNA from the parent that carries the mutation isn’t seen in the embryo, then it’s inferred that the embryo is unaffected and is likely to be without the disease-causing mutation and would therefore be a good candidate for transfer.

    Just wondering!

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  • May 20, 2015 2:39 AM BST

    Thank you for this compendium. While it is good that science recognizes that the issue is real, there are many who put more stock in the Bible than science and will poo-poo the results as left wing nannying. In the end, it is more about who you feel you are, not what some science or religious book tells you you are.

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    May 20, 2015 2:43 PM BST
    Does the word "eugenics" mean anything to you? While it's all a good program to stop the progress of certain syndroms,  these's nothing to stop enhancing the DNA. There have been some movements to create the "super race" - think Hitler-what's to stop science from adding or tweeking the DNA?  
    Don't get me wrong, I'm in favor of eliminating what can be eliminated. For example, I worked with a child who had Taylor's Syndrom. He was smart, had a great sense of humor but could not speak plus he had the tell tale mark on his head, a purple stain running from his face over his head and down his back. 
    I would need an oversight program and then a committee to watch the watchers.
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    May 20, 2015 7:18 PM BST

    Thankyou  for your replies, Mary I was'nt thinking of the ethics side of things, just future possobilities.

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    May 20, 2015 9:27 PM BST

    Crissy, the future possibilities (to me at least) are almost impossible to comprehend.  Given the pace of current research, in two years time I suspect we will be overwhelmed by the vast amount of data available.


    Where do we go?  If a foetus, having been determined as having genetic probability of having a gender dysphoria type disorder, (highly unlikely) or, more probably, one of the syndromes that you have previously cited - what do we allow society to do.  Compulsory termination?  Elective termination? Or a mandatory requirement to birth, and then take care of the problems thereafter?


    Keep them coming  Crissy.


     Big Hug,

    Amanda and Cat!

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    September 1, 2015 4:11 PM BST

    What I am suggesting Amanda, is that in the future corrective procedures could be brought into play, using genetic engineering on the embryo, as with Reifensteins syndrome, which is passed down through the mothers, if there was a proven history, mpthers could be screened, then female embyos could be treated to circumvent it being passed on and male embryos could have their DNA realigned to fit in with how society operates a two gendered system.   So in theory in perhaps 100 - 200 years, there would be no 3rd gender in modern society.    I am not going into the ethics, just the possobilities, I think interference with genetics is a dangerous concept and as Mary Grace stated, where could it lead?    Every inch of land crammed shoulder to shoulder with starving people a planet unable to provide sustenance, a rich minority super race surviving,    Thought provoking to say the least.

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    June 28, 2016 10:26 PM BST

    An incredible much time and effort into this and very informative!  Thnx are the best!

    Traci xoxo

  • September 27, 2016 1:04 AM BST
    Thank you for this Cristina
    It's nice to know that I really was born this way and that my femininity was hard wired before I was raised to believe I was male for so many years.
    I wonder if psychiatric medication in a pregnant mother would cause this varience in the development of the fetus? My mother was on Lithium when she was pregnant with me. In 1989 lithium wasn't the same as it is today and it's effects were mostly unknown. Because of this it was suspected early in my life that I would eventually show signs of a slight case of high functioning autism spectrum disorder. Whether or not I do fall somewhere on the autism spectrum has never been confirmed but it reminds me of a study I once read saying that people who are either autistic or have asbergers are more likely to have gender identity issues. Though the study did point out that it's hard to tell if cognitive development and personality disorders is what causes the gender issues, or if the disphoria of the gender issues causes the developmental and personality disfunctions.
    The world may never know. But like I said, it's nice to have some scientific confirmation that I didn't choose this life, I was born into it.
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