• February 15, 2011 2:30 AM GMT
    Crissie Rossini

    Sirloin or Top side steaks, cut 40mm thick roughly 50mm x 50mm.

    first take a tub of coarse pate mix it with ground mashed up chestnuts, (about the same quantity as the pate) steaming hot that have been boiled with garlic cloves to taste and some lemon zest. place in a moderate oven to keep warm

    Carefully slice into the side of the steaks, making a pocket just big enough to get two fingers in, gently open up the pockets and stuff with a knob of butter and roughly torn up water cress leaves. press cut back together pan fry until they are just as you like them, pink, whatever, take pan off heat and splash a little drop of brandy over each steak pan back on hob and Flambae,

    Plate up the steaks divide the pate mix on top of the steaks then top with sh1take mushrooms., serve with boiled anya potatoes and braised celery .

    serve with Chateauneuf Du Pape Wine.... open the bottle a couple of hours before serving at room temperature.