Fried Rice

  • February 16, 2011 4:16 AM GMT
    Hi Mellie,
    The electric rice cookers are very convenient; measure the water and raw rice, press the button, then wait until its done. Of course, the raw rice I use is the Japanese style of rice, so I don't know what the result would be if a different kind of rice was used in the rice cooker instead. The Japanese kind of rice should be available in an Oriental grocery store.
    Hugs, Louise
  • February 14, 2011 2:03 AM GMT
    Here is my recipe for fried rice. Let me know if you like ir or not.

    RECIPE FOR FRIED RICE (serves 4-6)

    rice, white, already cooked/steamed (3 cups) (yesterday's rice works well) (I use Japanese style electric rice cooker)
    chicken fillet (0.5 lbs/220 g)
    ham, sliced, fully cooked (6 oz/170 g) (I use "Oscar Meyer" prepackaged)
    shrimp (6 medium size)
    green onions, i.e., scallions (1 bunch)
    black pepper
    white pepper
    cayenne pepper

    2 types of Oriental pickles- can be found at an Oriental grocery store

    spatula, cooking
    bowl, small size
    bowl, medium size
    cutting board


    1) Cut and discard root end of green onions. Cut remaining length in half. Immerse in soapy water to clean, then rinse off under running water including inside of stems. Allow to drain. Slice into lengths 0.25" (6 mm). Reserve.
    2) Cut ham into squares 0.5" (12 mm). Reserve.
    3) Cut shrimp into lengths about 0.5" (12 mm). Reserve.
    4) Cut chicken into cubes about 0.5" (12 mm). Reserve.
    5) Break eggs into small bowl. Beat with fork until just blended. Put sufficient oil into wok and heat. Put eggs in (before oil gets too hot) and scramble. Remove wok from heat and put scrambled eggs into medium bowl. Reserve.
    IMPORTANT: In the steps that follow, use the spatula to keep the ingredients mixed and moving about in the wok, especially off the hot bottom surface, so that they don't burn or stick.
    6) Add sufficient additional oil into wok and reheat on medium to medium high heat. Add chicken (before oil gets too hot) and cook until no longer raw.
    7) Add shrimp and continue cooking until no longer raw.
    8) Add ham and green onions. Cook a little more.
    9) Add scrambled eggs.
    10) Add/sprinkle salt, black pepper, white pepper, and cayenne pepper across mixture. If sensitive to salt, minimize or eliminate. I never measure amounts of salt or pepper; just a light dusting seems sufficient for flavor.
    11) Add rice and continue cooking. Make sure to blend the rice with the other ingredients and keep the bottom of the wok constantly scraped with the spatula.
    NOTE: Some extra oil may be needed at this point to keep the rice from sticking to the bottom, since the rice will absorb most of the oil already present. There is enough oil when the bottom of the wok has a slight sheen as the spatula scrapes the rice up. However, avoid too much oil; no one likes it too oily.
    12) When all of the rice has been finely blended with the other ingredients, and the rice has absorbed the color of the other ingredients (no longer white), then remove from heat and serve.
    NOTE: The Oriental pickles are a condiment. The rakkyo-zuke pickles should be cut into smaller pieces before consumption.

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    February 14, 2011 1:33 PM GMT
    Hi Louise,

    That's quite a recipe. I'll bet the finished dish looks lovely, too.

    Seems like I'm going to have to buy myself a rice cooker.