Chicken Breasts and Pork Roasts

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    February 27, 2011 9:31 PM GMT

    Hi all, Last week one of my local supermarkets had a sale on boneless skinless chicken breasts at $1.77/lb. and pork end chops at $1.47/lb. At those prices I can afford to add a little meat to my dog's (Choca and Cole) dry premium dog food dinners.

    When I got there, they didn't have any chop ends, but they did have boneless pork sirloin roasts for the same price. I bought 24 chicken breasts and 9 pork roasts. This left me with a LOT of meat to cook and freeze before it went bad. If I had bought less I'd have fried the breasts and baked the roasts in the oven, but that would take days...

    I have allergies that keep me up most nights trying to breathe so I watch a lot of overnight television and as it gets close to dawn most of what's on are infomercials. About a decade ago I repeatedly watched one for a tabletop infrared oven called a FlavorWare Oven. The claim was it would cook food much quicker than an conventional oven and you could cook frozen food without thawing it. I was a little skeptical, having been ripped off before, but I decided to try it. I called the 1-800 number, gave them my credit card number and $150 or so later the UPS man delivered it.

    Well, the damn thing worked as promised. And while it's handy if unexpected company shows up to thaw and cook steaks or chops, I mostly use it for cooking large amounts of food, like the breasts and roasts I got for the dogs.

    I cooked the chicken breasts four at a time 18 minutes/lb. and the pork roasts two at a time 25 minutes/lb. turning them over half way through. It still took me most of a day, but much faster than frying and baking. The chicken came out completely cooked but still moist. The roasts cooked completely and had beautifully browned, especially over the areas with exposed fat. Even though I didn't marinade or rub the meat since it was for the dogs, it was still quite tasty (it looked so good I had one of the roasts myself, sorry dogs.)

    After 10 years of use it still works as well as when I first got it. The 4" or 1" rack has long since lost it's non-stick but a little spray on no-stick makes up for that. In short, I really like this product. They've gone through a Deluxe version and currently sell a Turbo one, which I haven't tried since my old original one is still working fine.

    Hope this doesn't come off as commercial for the thing, but part of the point of this forum is to share what works for us in the kitchen with others.



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    April 16, 2011 2:20 PM BST

    My local supermarket had pork end chops on sale again, $1.27/lb so I bought 18 lbs for the dogs. Used the FW Oven to cook it all to medium well in an hour and 3/4.

    Choca and Coal had some with their dinners - happy canine campers.

    Only thing is, after all that cooking I didn't feel like cooking for myself so dinner was lightly salted roasted peanuts and raisins, washed down with a nice Chardonny.