Kielbasa and Artichoke Sandwich

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    May 7, 2011 7:33 PM BST

    This is one that came from looking in the fridge for leftovers I could turn into a nice lunch.


    I found a Kielbasa sausage rope that I'd BBQ'd on the grill. I also had a container of Artichoke Hearts. Hummm, maybe it could work.



    1. A sandwich roll, whatever you like or have on hand, I used a Sour Dough roll

    2. A length of Kielbasa sausage rope about the same length as your roll

    3. Artichoke Hearts

    4. Deli Mustard

    5. Ketchup

    6. a slice of Swiss Cheese



    1. a microwave safe plate

    2. a knife



    1. cut the roll in half longways

    2. cut the sausage to approximately the same length as the roll

    3. cut the sausage almost in half longways

    4. spread the deli mustard on one half of the roll

    5. spread the ketchup on the other half of the roll (or use mayonaise or salsa or whatever you like)

    6. open the sausage and place cut side down on the bottom half of the roll

    7. place pieces of Artichoke Heart in the valley between the halves of the sausage

    8. cover the artichoke with a layer of Swiss Cheese

    9. Nuke in the microwave for 30 seconds, turn 180 degrees and nuke for another 30 seconds (adjust the time to suit your own oven, the cheese should be melted soft but not dripping off the articoke and sausage)


    Serves one or two. My guests really liked it.


    Best, Mellie

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